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Post Cards


As you may know I have been raising funds for the Royal Council Foundation in order to support less privileged children across the globe. The Foundation provides these children shelter, medical services, nourishment, and education in their home country. Donations are always welcome but here is a way you can support these children without access to their daily needs by buying a postcard.

Who buys postcards these days? Well you of course. Humans still desire that need for a handwritten gesture from a friend, colleague or family member. It says a lot when you see their writing that says come visit, it is fabulous to be done with that project, grandma has finished her cancer treatment and other greetings I am sure you have wanted to say.

This is your chance to aide two birds with a pen, thank a friend and support those in need, all the proceeds going to the Royal Council Foundation. Whether you buy the 4 of them together or a single one you will be bringing happiness and smiles to several faces. Thank you so much in advance for your donation purchase.

-Jennie Nawrocki

Thoughtful Post Cards

Send a thank you for completing a task or encourage to create one but either way we are here to stay and it want you here. This pack includes all 4 cards and postage.



Symbols of the past

Morph, nonexistent

Depleted at the core

Gyroscopes hold no vision

Briers don’t sting

Wars extinguished

Knowing the truth

We live calmly

With the realities

Encountered each day


Found your happy place tell someone about it. Price includes shipping.



Surrounded by barren land

Viewed as devastation to many

Amongst the decay and ruin

Comes perfection beheld

In the thought of the on looker

For each it is different

The images soaked in history

Or in what lies ahead

Though the feeling is the same

Ability to completely relax

Assured in their goals attained


Finished with a major project or completed medical treatment or mended a relationship send them a thank you that we are now at peace. Price includes shipping.



A city so calm

Relaxed is the atmosphere

Where you are from, doesn’t matter

Where you are going, need not worry

Stay and rest

Talk if you want or don’t

We don’t mind

Hunger or thirsty, we’ll quench that

There is plenty to eat, so rest your feet

Accept my hospitality, this is our home


A great way to invite someone to come visit and tell them you miss you.



Guru talks wellness of being

Monk silently shows compassion

Preachers give sermons of love

Philosophers question anger

Sage speaks wisdom

Scientists prove genetic bonds

Politicians have statements for the people

We all like happy endings

What’s the hold up, make it one

Donate today.

With love,

Jennie Nawrocki

Happy Ending

Have someone in your life that needs encouragement, I have it right here.


People and Places


people and places
they increase
with every year
meeting new faces
and some
so familiar
it is as though
they never parted
though with each
day full of events
this travel
for business
or time off
taking in
all that surrounds
only gives
wisdom amongst
activities experienced
allowing us
to age well
though feel
as young as
those just beginning

-Jennie Nawrocki



the world
has disappeared
into images
blocked and confused
for everything
completely understood
has disseminated
into the unknown
no longer
giving a feeling
of togetherness
of inner knowledge
so closely shared

-Jennie Nawrocki



its edges slope
into deep crevasses
filled with
water thick
of sludge and waste
rank smells
travel moss walls
ornate in design
with towers interspersed
rising even taller
giving a border
to contents within
a city shining
with several
profitable exchanges
completed by
serfs and vagrants
the first greeters
with their
own neighborhood
functioning within a
larger kingdom
with rulers
present and past
all different qualities
of government
living in the
enormous main
rooms for individuals
of varying status
with others inside
or outside
the outer perimeter
are Invited for
wonder, marvel
and general ambiance
of pure enjoyment
within one room
of those
larger walls
comprised of
stone, wood
soil and sand
holding formation
all around
while furniture
dapples the
empty interior
trimmed in gold
or covered
with fabric
the simplicity
of it all
depends on
fortunes of kingdoms
and all
their contributors
from communities
having built
every spot
from the middle
to the outskirts
of their very
own castle

-Jennie Nawrocki



missing links
you think
of time passing
that lull
between frames
of meetings
when events
of the past
frequent in moments
become non existent
again beginning
something again
that never thought
you would do
for the cessation
of activity
to resume again

-Jennie Nawrocki



busy, i am always busy

i stand up from my bed
starting activities
what needs to be done
must complete
expectations growing
then the phone rings
can you?

busy, I am always busy

requests to be fulfilled
favors to be asked
errands to run
go here, get this
i am sorry, what do you need
it is over here

busy, I am always busy

where to find the time
projects to complete
dinners to schedule
that meeting ran over
how traffic affects the day
switching events
could you come

busy, I am always busy

what there’s a break
time to sit and relax
this is weird
there is something wrong
must check my computer
now I find more to complete

busy, I am always busy



it is around you
events, people, thoughts,
many ways of living
that cannot be changed
they vie for freedom
justice with proof
of certainty
for their way is the way
though how the world
works is not one thought
it is the
combination of
different concepts
ways of living
bring the creativity
in order for
our species to survive

-Jennie Nawrocki



tricky business
seeing what
relates is it blood
or loyalty
those bonds
of family
what are the priorities
fame and worldwide notice
money that comes in
or the satisfaction
you pulled one over
becoming the champions
amongst others
that haven’t associated
for the jabs and retorts
given daily
are not forgotten
only remembered
how you tore apart
a relationship
based on what?

-Jennie Nawrocki



they didn’t know
the results
they waited endlessly
for each second
that went by
seemed insignificant
for all they knew
it would come
it would happen
though there was
a moment
of thought
should I continue
efforts seem fruitless
towards finality
debating, dealing
with losses
and moving on
or sticking with
continual challenges
without success
one must decide

-Jennie Nawrocki

In Memorandom


every persons past
represents a being
that helped create
a community
this one you are
living within
today and everyday
maybe personal friendship
was not developed
though that person
was important
as we all are
for each soul
gives vitality
to our daily lives
remembering those
unknown and known
as they nurtured
who you are

-Jennie Nawrocki