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Agile in movement

Bends with the moment

A stunt person

Rolls with the stop

Preventing injury

A corporation

Listens to

It’s customers

Changing colors

Increasing durability

To gain regulars

Teachers adapt lessons

For many intelligences

Stubbornness has

It’s time

But not forever

Be flexible

Times do change

-Jennie Nawrocki

No Difference


The hate is unlivable

We have to


Rethink our actions

It has been building

And we need it to


Decide now

That every living being

Every person

Regardless of race


Sexual orientation


Is valuable and worthy

Because believe me

They want a home

Just like you

-Jennie Nawrocki

Choose Well


Each day

The news

Brings information

Some bad

However the reaction

Your personal resilience


Brings hope

Effort into action

That understanding

Despite everything

Humanity will persevere

Because you focused

On the good will

Of the people


Each other

Over the shellfish ego

That it is about

My future

Realizing instead

It is about

Our future

Our community


Knowing good

Is inherently

The disposition

Of all of us

And even if

You see bad

Or have

Bad experiences

You personally


I will be better

I chose

With integrity

Never to be

The a**hole

But the one

Who despite everything

Chose well

-Jennie Nawrocki

Better Together


Seriously did you ever

Find that sometimes

Just one ingredient

Can change

Or transform

An entire dish

Chocolate and peanut butter

Burger and cheese

Fries and ketchup

Coffee and sugar

Cinnamon and sugar

Salt and pepper

Toast and butter

Grapefruit and sugar

Rum and coke

Many of these items

Are good on their own

But it is

The combination

That makes them


So you may be the best

By yourself

But you are always better

As part of a team

So celebrate your


By saying

Happy Valentine’s Day!