Monthly Archives: July 2023

Happy Birthday!


This month is my birthday as well as many other birthdays!

You can celebrate in fact I want you to!

Birthdays are to be joyful occasions.

If I had a party it would be completely a stress relief never want to leave this blissful place party.

This is how I want this month to be.

So take a mandatory day or few hours and have some time to relax and do what you want.

Not what I want or anyone else wants but what you want because for whatever reason you couldn’t.

Now is the time, do what you want.

That is my request for this month.

Jennie Nawrocki 8-14-1974

Has to be legal.

People Humans Govern


It has been years since the fast paced Jennie Nawrocki was around.

You and I are tired of the whoas me the world sucks.

I have started dancing, went back to school even visited my family twice in one year.

Though for some reason the world’s future for myself still seems bleak.

You say write positive stay positive.

What do you do about the screaming crying human and people surrounding me.

Everywhere I go someone is screaming or crying or laughing manically.

What should I do? What would you do?

Don’t worry I won’t stop moving forward but promise me this if I am ever out of this damned if you do, damned if you don’t lifestyle.

I definitely won’t play the victim won’t be a victim and definitely won’t make victims.

If someone is in distress I will help or support them no need to struggle or suffer.

There is a fine line between challenging someone and letting them suffer, every teacher and parent should know it, if you don’t, find it and never cross it.

I am going to stand for what’s right, inclusion, women’s rights to choose, and people humans govern not corporations.

-Jennie Nawrocki

Black hole


This post isn’t about my world nor is it about your world. How is that possible my world is your world and your world is my world. It is possible because neither of us live in a black hole. The unknown abyss of space where nothing is known. It is about seeing nothing and experiencing weightlessness but being pulling in one direction or all directions, who knows how many people have been in a black hole. Description is all imaginary. So if you’re are in a black hole where time and sense of ending have stopped. Don’t freak out. You will end up somewhere just prepare for everything anything and nothing.

-Jennie Nawrocki