Monthly Archives: October 2021

The Land


Walking through

The bramble

Branches and leaves

Brushing me

Their inhabitants

Flying from disruption

Hearing the

Rush of water

In the distance

Follow the sound

Soon a path appeared

Somewhat unnoticeable

You take it


Those that

Lives here

Made the

Easiest path

For themselves

And for the land

For they required

Water and food

And the protection

From the canopy

The land gave

Luxury is in the land


So if you desire

To mess up undeveloped land

You will run out of land

Build up

Restore abandoned

For it is only trash

Because you left it


-Jennie Nawrocki

The One


Some say

They get to choose

The love of my life

But no

My heart

And brain


The one that

Comforts me


Laughs with me

Has commonalities



Challenges in a good way

But most of all

Gives me freedom

When asked

But isn’t annoyed

By my closeness

You know who you are

-Jennie Nawrocki



Many friends

And family

Received my words

Miss you

Love you

But my opinions

Aren’t settling


You don’t want to change

I don’t want to change

We love

Each other right

Why can’t we

Respect our difference

Why is it

You must be on my side

One mind isn’t healthy

One thought isn’t inclusive

Understand I won’t change you

you don’t change me

Then we won’t

Be stale and distant

Look there is damage

It can’t be ignored

We must fix it together

Or we both don’t have

A home

Better is family

And friends

Sans tension

Being safe isn’t intrusive

Providing support isn’t intrusive

Maintaining roads and bridges

Isn’t intrusive

Stopping someone’s choice is

So respect differences

We all have somewhere to be

And someone to love

-Jennie Nawrocki