Monthly Archives: February 2015



there are women

beyond a

half century old

who some may

not consider

the vibrant youth

when they were

beginning to learn

the wisdom

accumulated since then

their features

hardly altered

for we still see

friendly personalities

giving them

protection from being

anything except having

admirable abilities

to continue to

make any room

invisible to

their looks

-Jennie Nawrocki



talent erupting

spreading entertainment

across all media

varying emotions

throughout genres

connecting generations

to events

forever to be told

and considered will occur

in every location

embracing the moment

for the full effect

that we as observers

are amazed

at the seemingly ease

of performance

completed above all

excellent expectations

-Jennie Nawrocki



a day created

for the fact

that something

completely remarkable

out of the ordinary

planned or not

reaching positively

several people

even entire

nations improved

their everyday living

by instilling confidence

security, freedom

these miraculous events

extraordinary leaders

honored individuals

either familial

or legends in their time

gave to the people

something they

always needed

on this holiday

-Jennie Nawrocki



many disagreements

year after year

between several


of people

emotional walls

of protection

added to continuously

become thick

and harder

to penetrate

though slowly

each layer

within softens

allowing comfort

of togetherness

to cumulate

into emotions

we call love

-Jennie Nawrocki