Monthly Archives: August 2022



Another year

Was it bad?

Was it good?

Will it be bad?

Will it be good?

Fresh books

Pencils and pens

Paper so crisp

Smells of the forest

Lunches to pack

Friends to meet

Starting with that A

It’s all new so study

Be respectful

And most of all listen

Remember those notes too

For knowledge

Is power

And you have a

Front row seat




And you will

Never need to brag

-Jennie Nawrocki

Unrequited Love


Unrequited love

Is a mess

For one finds it annoying

And frustrating

While they is lonesome

And intranced

Each saying

Will this be

The day

Of realization

Will they find

Required love

Only time will tell

And lots of listening

And understanding

Even then

you need

To want

To believe

-Jennie Nawrocki