In a misty night

Walking seemed

Heavy and lethargic

Bewildered for

There was no wind

Nothing was carried

Just the body

Resisting movement

Thinking maybe one arm

Should support the other

Slowly by slowly

Limbs were weighted

Almost melting

Into the ground

Finally reaching home

Sitting in a chair

The breathe of exhaustion

Leaves the body

Energy starts to build

After each bite of dinner

And conversation

With family

Ability grows

Chores turn into

Hobby levels

Of of exhilaration

That sleep seemed

Days away

Even though

It is an hour away

-Jennie Nawrocki

The Scary Truth


It’s pumpkin time

Carve your Halloween

Into the one you

Would like

For scary is

Just like spicy

One three stars

Could be someone’s

One star

Cater to the person

Your audience

For anything else

Could ruin the party

But adjustment

Allows for

Maximum effect

Myself I stay with

One star bordering

On comedy

Because those

One eye one horn flying purple people eaters

Just made monsters mash

When the Adams Family gathers

At the pumpkin patch

Waiting with Linus

And there comes scooby- doo

To pull off Cousin Its wig

When he is

chased into the woods

Where Bella and Edward

Are about to pounce on scooby and snoopy

They are stopped finally

By Mulder and Scully

Appearing to prove

There really is a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

You didn’t see it because Animal wanted to eat it

And Kermit put the Great Pumpkin in the Witness Relocation Program

Happy Halloween Everyone!

-Jennie Nawrocki

Snoopy, Scooby Doo and The Great Pumpkin are safe and still with their families and friends.πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ™

Our Community Is Our Home


I don’t even know what day it is anymore.

But I do know what we need.

Understanding of a purpose,

That evil is unacceptable.

Which is caring for all others

Beyond ourselves

Because we are a part of a community

Regardless of our independence

And our responsibilities are built and created from that inter reliability

Including all the animals and plants

That are our oxygen and sustenance

Allowing each organism to grow will allow your cells to remain healthy.

For we all have a responsibility to our outside world or chores within the community, what’s yours?

-Jennie Nawrocki

My Words May Fumble


I am at a loss

I don’t know what to say

I tell you everything

I am as honest as I can be

And still you still find

Or think I am the worst

I even tried a video

Something different

as I said I keep approaching

Serious issues like making friends

With heart

For I will never give up

Because the worst of what you accuse me

Didn’t occur

-Jennie Nawrocki

The first video attempt the complete unedited Jennie Nawrocki

Teeter Totter


I expect the worst

You expect the best

We are the yin and yang

As we work together

Or at odds

Finding each other

Only online

For seeing and spending time

In the same room

On equal terms of respect

Some say will happen

When pigs fly

Others keep the dream alive

Up to you

For I am willing

To make that teeter totter even

Rather than heavy sided

Are you?

-Jennie Nawrocki