What Took So Long


As a woman I found it astounding to find that women were never valued as leaders, especially when one of the most successful leaders of Britain was a woman. What is even more astounding is that we left Britain for repression of liberty and freedom and in not being represented for what we the people are. So we separated from a country for representation and freedom but wouldn’t accept the equality or being led by women.

In addition, our southern state’s seceded because we thought slavery was inhumane. Lincoln a Republican said emancipate those who aren’t free they are as equal to us.

This Wednesday Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will become our President and Vice-President. It has taken a little less than 500 years since Queen Elizabeth I reign of England to have a female who ancestry is multi racial lead the United States of America.

What took so long?

500 years since a woman proved herself to be one of the best leaders in the world and we waited 500 years to elect a woman.

What took so long?

2000 years since the Old Testament said slavery was forbidden and inhumane and we elected a President who has the most diverse staff of any Presidency.

What took so long?

We need to accept we are equals regardless of our beliefs or backgrounds. The only belief we will keep is treat others like we would like to be treated. It may seem trite, it may seem oversaid but goodness gracious don’t disrespect others if you don’t want to be disrespected.

With a new administration we have a chance to change the unacceptable bad ways.

Don’t wait for equality live it.

-Jennie Nawrocki

Why Create


It is a vision

An idea

Formulating within

Saying this blank

Will be

A person

A place

Or thing

It’s meaning strong

Or light

It still is

A concept

That came from

Your mind

In media

You prefer

For enjoyment


-Jennie Nawrocki

I Am Not For Me But For Us


To be against one another

Does no good

Always wanting something

The other doesn’t think

Is best

It’s ridiculous to have anger

Maintained without a solution

There must be something

We meet in the middle on

Instead of being taffy pulled

In all directions

Imagine we were

Knights of the round table

Everyone and everybody

Had equal say

Take that moment

See a new perspective

I look for one too

In order to

To find a solution

To this wall of

My way, no my way,

No my way, no my way

No my way, no my way

It has to stop

It is not about who is the bigger

Or better person

It is about

Not having to worry

About knowing

What we accomplish

Gives the room

A calming vibe

-Jennie Nawrocki



As you know Penaugural has been filed as an official non profit with the stare of New York in September well now we also have a twitter account. That is right you can read out emils at Twitter.com/penaugural.

It is so exciting and this week also you should see some changes to the website to have it be more of a company rather than just poetry.

At Penaugural people can do what I have always done share their poetry. Though in addition they can also perform, draw and sculpt anything they would like for Penaugural is a place for artists to succeed.

So tell who you know and we will do the same maybe even sells few items too.

-Jennie Nawrocki

Holiday Spirit


They say there is something special about the holidays. A giddy cheerfulness that isn’t seen all year, that holiday spirit.

Why does it stop?

We have a day off work?

We stop our diets?

We see more family?

We get presents?

We relax?

We party?

We have more time for hobbies?

We see holiday movies?

What is it?

Find out and keep that holiday spirit with you year round.

Happy Holidays

-Jennie Nawrocki

Stay Strong


Home for the holidays

Would be good

Memories unbound

Previous recounted

And more made

But wait

There’s a pandemic

Stay safe

Big dinners postponed

For gatherings will occur

When vaccinated

Won’t that be so nice

To get together again

We are almost there

Stay strong

Missing you also

Stress free family fun

Those are the days

To live for

-Jennie Nawrocki

Go Big At Home


It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day.

Start anew

We have elected a new president

We are getting rid of all sorts of systematic racism

We are taking precautions against sickness.

Something has to get better

Choose now what you want to improve

This is a necessity not just a news years resolution

It is like the changes we made because of the Civil War and World War II

We emancipated slaves

Woman were now workers

The depression had us budgeting our money differently.

We are repeating history

Stoping racism

Woman and minorities in major business and political roles

Budgeting because of Covid

We didn’t do it well enough the first time so we are doing it again.

I don’t know about you but this is a spring cleaning where no corner is left to make dust bunnies.

We are not going big OR go home.

We are going big AT home.

Be the better person you dreamed and do it now

Then you won’t have to eat those complaints inside you stressing you out.

-Jennie Nawrocki

Happy Thanksgiving


It is time

For turkey

Cranberries and gravy

Mashed potatoes


Green beans

Brussel sprouts

With carrots and squash

Yams or sweet potatoes

Maybe even both

Rolls and biscuits

Also offered

But don’t forget

The spinach salad

Dressed vinaigrette

There are others

But to me those

Are the staples


Even the pies


None of that

Would ever seem filling

If we didn’t honor

What the day

Was truly about

Saying Thank You

Or thanks

for all our blessings

Especially family

And friends

With you

Or zoomed in

Breathing easily



And Tomorrow

-Jennie Nawrocki

Keep Going


You should be thankful

You made it this far

In one of the craziest years

There ever was

No we are not

Counting our chickens

Before they are hatched

We are looking down

At the mountain

We have already climbed

And looking forward to

the finish

Keep going

Stay focused

Most of all


-Jennie Nawrocki