Stay aware

Be present

Find your center

Focus on breathing

For when

Stress builds

Challenges arise

Emotion overwhelms

Outcome unseen

You will

Adapt easily

Listen wholly

Act consciously

Appropriate responses

Brings forth

Error minimized

Along with

Success maximized

-Jennie Nawrocki

Value Education


They spend hours

Finding what you need

Assessing from where

You are strong

Reteaching weak

Back ground knowledge

Even introducing

new units

That build upon

Each other

Whether tiny

Or major

Each lesson

Provides a pathway

Towards success

You must

Invest within

In order

To make

Your future

-Jennie Nawrocki

May you hopped in virtual celebration.
Ate in with just your household
And said we will get together after this
Quarantine for I miss you so.
May you remember
He said he would return
Today he returned
To remind us he was always there for us

-Jennie Nawrocki