For those freed and the freedoms we have today.

Democracy is about freedom to be who you are or love about yourself. However it is also realizing that it is giving others the choice to be who they are or what they love about themselves. So don’t give up on your freedom of choice, losing the chains of being owned gives you choices, it is pure freedom.

-Jennie Nawrocki

Don’t Judge


Could you believe

Magic from witches or wizards?


Greek and Roman Gods?

One God?



Loch Ness Monster?


Acid visions?

Willy Wonka?

Pied Piper?


Aesops fables?



Fountain of youth?


Masonry society secrets?

Planets like earth?


Impossible meat?

Desalination of water?




Mental telepathy?

AI Living among us?

Where we go when we die?

Animals understand humans?

Flying cars?

Closets that dress you?



Don’t judge just because you believe something someone else doesn’t or science hasn’t invented or discovered or proved it yet.

-Jennie Nawrocki



Bright blue

With golden rays

Slowly transition

Bringing a shiny

Bronze glow

To the steel grey

City skyline

As the sky

Brings yellows, oranges

and pinks

Streaming above

The round

Light of warmth

Lowers into

The horizon

Until finally

Deep purples

to almost

Opaque blackness

Speckled with stars

And bright moon

Covers the sky

Guiding you

Through the dark

-Jennie Nawrocki

Grateful Update


People didn’t believe me about my January 2nd post and then this was said.

It took a little less than six months for someone to find all the things I would be grateful for and take them away.

It was said in a very laughing evil tone.

So regardless of what I want or need someone makes sure that smile is wiped off my face.

What positive relationships I had are tarnished with lack of trust.

Every person I meet I just wonder when will I hurt from their actions.

Typically June is balling my eyes out crying with sadness and this looks to be the worst one yet.

So to answer there is little mystery for Jennie Nawrocki she was told her fate screamed through the door of the shelter she lived within. It is just when.

So to maintain any happiness or positive thoughts or relationships. I will say what I am grateful for and then watch it disappear just as the pattern has been since 2008.

So my new motto is:

Channel that despair sadness and anger into something positive. Regardless. The smile may not last but Jennie Nawrocki had it for that one moment.

-Jennie Nawrocki



Why do we orbit?

Why is a cat land on its feet?

Why do some people only care about themselves?

Why is it if Adam and Eve aren’t real do we still wear clothes?

If we all came from Africa why don’t we think of each other as family?

Why is Antarctica inhabitable but the Artic isn’t? Or is it the other way around?

Why wasn’t the blood queen a vampire?

Why is it impossible to live a regular life and sleep 8 hours a night?

Why is Murphy’s law so true?

Why do parents always see you as children?

Why ever ask to not be vs to be?

Why is still the most popular lipstick a shade of red?

Why haven’t you ask your own why question by now?

-Jennie Nawrocki



The news stations are saying Russia is incurring huge costs having the war with Ukraine and to Russia the thought is yes war is expensive. WAR IS INSANE, it has costs to the economy, environment, social-emotional wellness and life. So why would you Putin decide to do this? Russia citizens are suffering.

It would be as if Canada decided to take Indiana. While not a major deficit to the USA but not a major acquisition either. You Putin decided to gain land because why? You are already one of the largest countries, what you need three helpings of piroshki’s instead of two, aren’t you watching your weight? To take Ukraine is basically is proving your dictorial selfishness Putin. What are you following what Czars needed to be powerful amongst citizens by taking land? Isn’t that why Russia is no longer a sovereign government. England learned a long time ago that when it came to taking land or colonization it made the natural or indigenous citizens of those countries dislike England authority, and USA is an example of that. Humans want freedom, we were born to be independent wise decision makers. Hence why western democracies are coveted. So as you desire a decent Ford, Ukraine is built tough and rejects the Putin authority and soon Russian citizens will reject you too Putin.

-Jennie Nawrocki