Just because

A women

Came from Adams rib

Does not make him superior

Noah needed

A male and female

Equal and together

Even then are you

Positive every species

Was able to conceive?

So why?

Would anyone

Make laws

Saying no abortions?

Accidents happen

Mistakes occur

Birth control

Isn’t 100%

We have all types

Of insurance

Because nothing is 100%

So let the woman choose.

-Jennie Nawrocki

In Limbo


Years ago those who took the time to read my emails and other writing often asked and became sick and angry that I wrote about the same depressing emotions and scenarios everyday.

Here it is several years later and the world changed around me but I haven’t. I literally couldn’t think of what to write except the same depressing stuff, now I am sick, angry and more depressed.

They say I have been taught and trained but there are parts that haven’t been addressed.

I won’t believe them and they won’t believe me.

There is no trust.

I refuse to respect someone who doesn’t show Jennie Nawrocki any respect or treat Jennie Nawrocki as an equal.

Being called scum is one thing but Jennie Nawrocki has been called worse than that.

In addition there is always one part of the puzzle 🧩 missing even when Jennie Nawrocki attempts.

Never is all Jennie Nawrocki truly understood because that is the only concept that remained true.

The amount of individuals that have told Jennie Nawrocki never increases daily so again why should have Jennie Nawrocki ever believed some good was going to stay with Jennie Nawrocki.

They climb hills, peaks and mountains and Jennie Nawrocki burns under the buried earth going farther and farther underground.

You are a ghost Jennie Nawrocki you are dead Jennie Nawrocki.

But call your mother Jennie Nawrocki. She will still pretend you are family but still treat you like you are a baby.

Jennie Nawrocki asks are you still going to treat me and call me a baby even when Jennie Nawrocki repeatedly asked that you don’t?

So Jennie Nawrocki’s response to the walls and closed doors of no Jennie Nawrocki has received is no back.

We are at a stalemate saying no to each other as for the disrespect?

If you don’t care about Jennie Nawrocki as much as you say you do 🛑 reading Jennie Nawrocki’s tweets, emails, texts, etc. and most of all 🛑 whispering in Jennie Nawrocki’s head or to Jennie Nawrocki.

Oh and for those wondering why Jennie Nawrocki uses full names and talks in the third person is because for some reason those who read Jennie Nawrocki’s words don’t interpret it as Jennie Nawrocki meant.

-Jennie Nawrocki

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


The events in Haiti are a sign

Climate change is real

If you don’t save

Mother Earth

She can’t support you

Here is what you can do

But mostly

You heard it before

But it is true

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

That is the least

Amount of respect

You can give

Mother Earth

-Jennie Nawrocki

Emotional Abuse


Awhile back Jennie Nawrocki thought to myself about the amount of “pressure” placed on Jennie Nawrocki. Jennie Nawrocki lost eye sight in one eye, Jennie Nawrocki has been scammed of thousands of dollars, Jennie Nawrocki most of the time pays more for her needs then most living beings, every electronic device and accounts or memberships Jennie Nawrocki owns haves or uses is hacked, even my room and personal items have been altered while Jennie Nawrocki is gone, my family and friends are only allowed to speak to me using certain language and talk to me when told, Jennie Nawrocki has been alone as a result, Jennie Nawrocki receives threats of losing her job, her apartment and her life everyday sometimes even hourly. Jennie Nawrocki terms this as living in the torture chamber of Guantanamo Bay, terming the pressure actually abuse.

Most know what physical abuse is and that is how Jennie Nawrocki lost eyesight. In addition, the other pressures endured are emotional abuse especially the threat of death to Jennie Nawrocki. Emotional abuse as defined by medical professionals and psychologists is


But most say it is nothing Jennie Nawrocki just imagines it.

So one day Jennie Nawrocki started thinking to her self if living beings want to emotionally abuse Jennie Nawrocki as Jennie Nawrocki feels they have the take an actual knife and stab Jennie Nawrocki for Jennie Nawrocki would rather die then live with this abuse.

However some took it the wrong way and thought they could go around stabbing everyone and everybody including me who they didn’t like.

Knifes out is torture and something Jennie Nawrocki doesn’t approve as peaceful protest. In addition, Jennie Nawrocki doesn’t feel the torturous pressure Jennie Nawrocki endures are peaceful protests.

Jennie Nawrocki doesn’t believe in torture, abuse, or weapons. In fact, Jennie Nawrocki believes the only gun someone should own is a tranquilizer gun. Jennie Nawrocki says stop those knifes and torturous pressure abuse.

We are here to improve and make better the world including those we don’t like. So start conversations, discussions and talking as a way to compromise or negotiate. Satisfied humans make for peaceful communities.

-Jennie Nawrocki



Every moment


Being depressed

Without self worth

Is a

Dis credit

You are alive

Having friends

Being with family


Said good job

And you missed it

Focusing on failures


Forget your failures

What are you grateful for


-Jennie Nawrocki