Better Together


Seriously did you ever

Find that sometimes

Just one ingredient

Can change

Or transform

An entire dish

Chocolate and peanut butter

Burger and cheese

Fries and ketchup

Coffee and sugar

Cinnamon and sugar

Salt and pepper

Toast and butter

Grapefruit and sugar

Rum and coke

Many of these items

Are good on their own

But it is

The combination

That makes them


So you may be the best

By yourself

But you are always better

As part of a team

So celebrate your


By saying

Happy Valentine’s Day!

What Do You Read?


I wrote some pretty naming tweets yesterday and I wrote it because for one reason only. To make sure that you, understood where I was coming from. Why I feel the way I do and so other people are supported in the process. I know and some even have said “You know your life will get better if you come to our side.”

I have never been able to make those promises as I have already said my life is controlled.  If I don’t go where I am told and go elsewhere I am told I am not following the rules.  Where are these rules written I ask and I haven’t received an answer.

So I write what I know about and ask questions about what I don’t know about.  Most of the time this philosophy works if you completely understand the information.  Unfortunately sometimes I don’t understand fully and that gets me into major trouble as I should know what I am writing about. 

Then there are those times where a article is so layered that if you write about one of the layers with positivity though the other require a negative response.  This mixed messaging can be hard to understand and further turn into misunderstandings.  It is like the game of telephone that the message is so distorted from the original it has become false and baseless.

Don’t get me wrong there are tons of those who loathe Jennie Nawrocki but sometimes Jennie Nawrocki does make a valid statement and that is why some have listened and said Jennie Nawrocki isn’t pure evil. 

Those are normally the same people that can read an article about natural gas and don’t automatically think they are talking about gaslighting.  They are also the ones that see how something developing could become a superfund site or a titanic disaster. 


They know there are perspectives and experiences that people bring to their interactions with others.  They see the possibilities.  They prepare for all of them.  Does it stop them from moving forward, no it doesn’t.  It makes sure that in the future that quick solution of sweeping the dirt under the rug doesn’t really clean the house.

So I thank those who listened to me and said maybe we should factor in this idea of what Jennie Nawrocki said into our equation so our venture doesn’t turn into a Superfund Site. Imagine how much better America would be to live in if we didn’t have all these unlivable areas and we understood what the effects were before hand.

So I ask as you read do you see the young lady and the old lady? And how do you include this information into your decisions?

-Jennie Nawrocki

Smell The Ice Cream


We have a new president and I am so excited, I voted for the Biden-Harris team.

However much easier I am able to think we have a wonderful president in the White House now. It does ease most of my worries but as a worry wart I will always worry.

When I see things or events that freak me out thinking those Trumpites are wanting to ruin our democracy that Biden is now rebuilding, I am going to point it out and say there is something strange in the USA and it smells like poo and I know Biden and Harris didn’t put it there. So let’s make sure we clean up this unnecessary smell in our Biden democratic America. I doubt there will be many or any reason for me to freak out but if I smell poo it will scare me. I much prefer Biden’s ice cream shop of democracy goodness instead.

-Jennie Nawrocki

Who Am I


Who Am I

Am I a hater, some would have you think so.
Am I a dictator, I don’t see anyone wanting to follow or believe me.
Am I short, yes, but my temper has dropped.
Am I remorseful, we are not perfect.
Am I a savior, most believe there is only one of those.
Am I insane, only in the eyes of the beholder.
Am I stupid, I believe everyone has good intentions.
Am I a communicator, that is up for debate.
Am I a recycler, all good thoughts and blessings need repetition.
Am I fearful, this controls my actions more than anything else.
Am I depressed, I do have hope.
Am I living, here’s the written proof.
Am I realistic, just the facts.
Am I funny, many find me quite amusing.
Am I a dreamer, everyone has desires.
Am I a worker, when I know somebody positively benefits without greed.
Am I a woman, with all the working parts.
Am I pretty, 10’s are overrated.
Am I a loner, more times than I wish.
Am I a friend, I am already yours.
Am I a lover, of all things, yes, romantically, not at the moment.
Am I a partner, what did you have in mind?
Am I patient, I have waited a long time for many things.
Am I rich, I have a bountiful heart.
Am I good, that is my goal everyday.
Am I thankful, for all of you.
Am I proud, of who I am.

-Jennie Nawrocki

For years this was posted as the about page for Jennie Nawrocki but now we are changing into a nonprofit and soon the poetry and other artwork here will be by more than just Jennie Nawrocki.

So if you are a person with a disability or knows a person with a disability who writes, draws, sculpts, sees, acts, or plays, sing and composes music email us at and we may publish and or sell your artwork here.

Don’t be shy you have seen some of my poetry though we do reserve the right based on hateful and inappropriate content not to publish your work.

Looking forward to expanding our author base soon.

What Took So Long


As a woman I found it astounding to find that women were never valued as leaders, especially when one of the most successful leaders of Britain was a woman. What is even more astounding is that we left Britain for repression of liberty and freedom and in not being represented for what we the people are. So we separated from a country for representation and freedom but wouldn’t accept the equality or being led by women.

In addition, our southern state’s seceded because we thought slavery was inhumane. Lincoln a Republican said emancipate those who aren’t free they are as equal to us.

This Wednesday Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will become our President and Vice-President. It has taken a little less than 500 years since Queen Elizabeth I reign of England to have a female who ancestry is multi racial lead the United States of America.

What took so long?

500 years since a woman proved herself to be one of the best leaders in the world and we waited 500 years to elect a woman.

What took so long?

2000 years since the Old Testament said slavery was forbidden and inhumane and we elected a President who has the most diverse staff of any Presidency.

What took so long?

We need to accept we are equals regardless of our beliefs or backgrounds. The only belief we will keep is treat others like we would like to be treated. It may seem trite, it may seem oversaid but goodness gracious don’t disrespect others if you don’t want to be disrespected.

With a new administration we have a chance to change the unacceptable bad ways.

Don’t wait for equality live it.

-Jennie Nawrocki

Why Create


It is a vision

An idea

Formulating within

Saying this blank

Will be

A person

A place

Or thing

It’s meaning strong

Or light

It still is

A concept

That came from

Your mind

In media

You prefer

For enjoyment


-Jennie Nawrocki

I Am Not For Me But For Us


To be against one another

Does no good

Always wanting something

The other doesn’t think

Is best

It’s ridiculous to have anger

Maintained without a solution

There must be something

We meet in the middle on

Instead of being taffy pulled

In all directions

Imagine we were

Knights of the round table

Everyone and everybody

Had equal say

Take that moment

See a new perspective

I look for one too

In order to

To find a solution

To this wall of

My way, no my way,

No my way, no my way

No my way, no my way

It has to stop

It is not about who is the bigger

Or better person

It is about

Not having to worry

About knowing

What we accomplish

Gives the room

A calming vibe

-Jennie Nawrocki