What is it?


In this world where more and more people have been brought up in broken homes and dysfunctional families. The days of ignoring a family member at family functions just doesn’t happen. Instead families are permanently separated by anger that was never resolved. There is no support system for these people, they live on their own, alone. This is hugely different from the past when the large farm families stayed close to mind the crop. You had a support system. While the rich in the city didn’t have to rely on family because they knew they could pay for assistance when needed. But the majority of people who don’t make tons of money or have families to support them are left alone. If they get sick or tragedy happens, they have nothing, no means, no way to make a living, not even one person to bring them something to eat or drink when they themselves can’t get out of bed. They have no extra funds or collateral support to get a loan, they don’t even have money to acquire new skills to improve their living situation. They have nothing. These are not stupid or bad people, they just don’t have a support system, they are without family or friends. So when the America lost thousands of people during the depression we created a supportive government to make sure these people had an extended family social security and Medicare or Medicaid. I heard a story where FDR told people we will pay you to turn over the brick and stones in the road just to give you a job. Our government taxes and other means revenue came from our extended family, a government for the people and by the people. Every penny we put into the government was an investment into our own future whether from drought, fire, flood, tornado, hurricane or any other state of emergency. Include also some dodo who wasn’t paying attention when answering a text on his phone and said or did the wrong thing. Accidents happen, natural disasters happen but we had a government which we supported indirectly and directly. Now I hear people want to stop supporting welfare because they are crappy people, end funding to Social Security because you should have saved for retirement and blah, blah, blah. Why does something have to affect you directly before you do something. Big smoke coming from factories near New York contributed to acid rain how were we not to know this may happen. Let me tell you if you had to make a regulation that the smoke was bad inside the building to breathe then it probably isn’t good for you to breathe it outside either in fact it became worse it became acid rain. But the government for the people and by the people came in and said we will make you healthy again. Those New Yorkers who worked hard had families and were doing well lost everything because they became sick. So if you at all think the government support system called welfare is just for a messed up crack head, think again. That “welfare” recipient is still saving millionaires from Wall Street to minimum wage workers from the World Trade Center after the 9/11 terrorist attack. Giving support to someone who is affected by disaster is not a handout, just ask a veteran firefighter. These are people who trusted in their taxes they paid through gainful employment needing a return on their investment. Everybody at some point needs the government, that is why we have it so if you congress person are thinking you are giving handouts as welfare think of all the donations you were given to get into office. Support and or help is not a handout, even from the government.

-Jennie Nawrocki

Still Be Friends


I love you with all my heart

You stayed with me




















I think of you

And how somehow

We could reconcile wrongs

And still be friends

-Jennie Nawrocki

Road Travelled


Ride with me

When the road is

Short or long

For as a companion

I will be your map

Your humor

And musical guide

We will

Tell stories

And create memories

The sights we’ll see

Stay in our vision

While the photo

We take

Share the experience

With those

We wanted

To join us together

-Jennie Nawrocki



If it ain’t

Then it should be

For it is necessary

To our development

Of sanctity

The interaction

Simultaneously received

In person

That one-on-one meeting

Gathering of sorts

That brings all of us

Into bonding moment

That lasts forever

-Jennie Nawrocki



Summer begins

On the longest day

More sunlight

And less worry

Over cold ceases

For nights

Dripping with warmth

Allow us

To stay outside

Chat with friends

Over leisurely

Ganders at

How well

The world

We care for

Returns its love

With crickets

Making music

And soon to be

shining stars

We never forget

We are in

Our world together

-Jennie Nawrocki

Keep Your Independence


We are immigrants. We invaded this land looking for refuge from religious bias but also the fountain of youth and the alchemy of gold. Don’t forget it was just a faster route to the Silk Road in India. All the while the assumed Indians, the people from whom their land stolen were the same ones who taught us how to survive a harsh northeastern winter. We then told these natives who by all means had squatting rites and no written communication system or money trade were asked “Where is your permit and we don’t accept that form of payment.” We basically stepped into their home which was paid for, forced them to leave, gutted it and flipped it for a higher price. Then we used Irish and Italian indentured servants to build the east coast. Had slaves from Africa in the south set the path for global trade, in the mid west Germans cleared fields to feed the east. As the move westward by Guns, Germs and Steel desolated the Latin community while continued to use the Chinese as laborers to make our west coast livable and accessible. Now it seems like we are playing King of the Hill making sure that nobody takes our land.

However, our nation was intended for freedom. Freedom of religion, freedom of tyranny, freedom to vote for who you think represented you and finally freedom to speak up when you feel something is wrong. We outlawed the Spartan and Sovereign law and developed democracy, a system of checks and balances so that no one individual could ever rule badly through a dictatorship.

We saw what a world without due process was like and fled as refugees and fought for our independence when it was unfair and restricted. Remember our birth of a nation was founded by a group of individuals who said we are allowed to have life, liberty as a part of the pursuit of happiness.

So don’t settle for substandard by being apathetic, stand up for the country you want and need, that is your independence, your freedom.

-Jennie Nawrocki