To Meet You


To know

Is positive


Of where

You are going

And what you

Are doing

Staying within

The lines

The law

Because it was

The dream career

Always wanted

Spending hours

To achieve goals

It is stupid

To risk anything

To make

Major mistakes

Don’t do it

I certainly didn’t

For I knew

What my goal

Really was

And that was

To meet you

And the other

Well that was

Forever world peace

-Jennie Nawrocki



They say you define your future

Fate isn’t always in control

One who works towards

Their goal

Will be rewarded

For success in life

Isn’t handed on a platter

But through your determination

Whether you believe in nature

Or nurturing your talents

It really is who you know

That gives you the freedom

In the support of your future

-Jennie Nawrocki



If I ain’t said it

Then I am saying it now

One loses their mind

It is a spiral

That sickens thought

Their is one medicine

That lessens

The recurrence

Remorse and

Amends activities

Along with




And more support

Only then success

And wellness

Are embodied

-Jennie Nawrocki



It is not a labor

To do activities you love

Being with family

Relishing the enjoyment of hobbies

Working with excitement

Cleaning with song

All those events

Were never laborious

Because you choose

To make them

Bountiful of smiles

-Jennie Nawrocki