surprise no one


I can’t believe it

My future yesterday

Does not seem the same today

So long I wanted

Self sufficiency

I didn’t want

To be controlled

Now I am alone

And those

At the next table

Tell me


I am nothing


But what about

A husband

A house

A career

Then she sees

Herself in the future

The worst possible way

Sitting alone

In a restaurant

With a bad wig

Not imagining

Life as a old couple

But poor and alone

That ain’t a goal

It just sadness

I don’t even want

Nursing home aides

To care for me

alone leave me alone


Where do you want to retire?

Why does the security

Of the future

Through self-sufficiently

Seem so rewarding

There is no one there

No one


I need to re think this

-Jennie Nawrocki

Civil Rights


I was often criticized for telling others life can get better.

What you don’t like your life now?

I thought the world was ideal in the 50’s.

I was empty and believed in the middle class that the 50’s was famous for having embodied. Though I was reminded then the civil rights occurred and is still occurring.

Since I started writing those words life can be better.

We are having a resurge in civil rights for stopping




Anti religion


Anti disability

Animal abuse

All forms of harassment

Financial inequality

Inaccessible healthcare

Environmental disasters


I knew life could be improved,

Inside I was lonely but outside I knew there was unfortunately inequality that should not, cannot, and will not exist.

-Jennie Nawrocki

Some Old Some New


New Year

Brings resolutions

But really

It brings


Exuberant thankfulness

in holiday spirit

Extinguishes tension

That built over time

So mountains

Become mini

grains of salt

flavoring relationships

Into strong bonds

Creating positive

Lifetime memories

-Jennie Nawrocki

Happy Holidays


The time of year

When everyone

Seems to acquire

The holiday spirit

Where nothing

Is too horrible

We give a little extra

Because somehow

We become

More inclusive

For being

Left out

Isn’t human

So smile more

Laugh often

Listen intentionally

Respond respectful

And maybe that

Holiday spirit

Lasts all year

especially if

Rudolph is

Holding the Menorah

And leading the sleigh.

-Jennie Nawrocki



Such is friendship

We have been through

So much strife

Endless flubbs

Incessant panic attacks

Unknown support

It is a wonder

How we ever stayed friends

But I am sure comforted

By the thought we are

Thank you

-Jennie Nawrocki

It’s Real


if y’all didn’t see my last post New Project please give it a read and donate to those who are struggling financially. Any amount will benefit those who need a home. Yes I know it seems strange how can a woman like myself be in contact with the Royal Council Federation, well I am not sure myself but I am not knocking it if you know what I mean. They as well as I know people out there need support and you are the one to give it to them donate now and you will see the results of better communities.

Thank you again,

Jennie Nawrocki