Monthly Archives: May 2022

Grateful Update


People didn’t believe me about my January 2nd post and then this was said.

It took a little less than six months for someone to find all the things I would be grateful for and take them away.

It was said in a very laughing evil tone.

So regardless of what I want or need someone makes sure that smile is wiped off my face.

What positive relationships I had are tarnished with lack of trust.

Every person I meet I just wonder when will I hurt from their actions.

Typically June is balling my eyes out crying with sadness and this looks to be the worst one yet.

So to answer there is little mystery for Jennie Nawrocki she was told her fate screamed through the door of the shelter she lived within. It is just when.

So to maintain any happiness or positive thoughts or relationships. I will say what I am grateful for and then watch it disappear just as the pattern has been since 2008.

So my new motto is:

Channel that despair sadness and anger into something positive. Regardless. The smile may not last but Jennie Nawrocki had it for that one moment.

-Jennie Nawrocki



Why do we orbit?

Why is a cat land on its feet?

Why do some people only care about themselves?

Why is it if Adam and Eve aren’t real do we still wear clothes?

If we all came from Africa why don’t we think of each other as family?

Why is Antarctica inhabitable but the Artic isn’t? Or is it the other way around?

Why wasn’t the blood queen a vampire?

Why is it impossible to live a regular life and sleep 8 hours a night?

Why is Murphy’s law so true?

Why do parents always see you as children?

Why ever ask to not be vs to be?

Why is still the most popular lipstick a shade of red?

Why haven’t you ask your own why question by now?

-Jennie Nawrocki