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Better Together


Seriously did you ever

Find that sometimes

Just one ingredient

Can change

Or transform

An entire dish

Chocolate and peanut butter

Burger and cheese

Fries and ketchup

Coffee and sugar

Cinnamon and sugar

Salt and pepper

Toast and butter

Grapefruit and sugar

Rum and coke

Many of these items

Are good on their own

But it is

The combination

That makes them


So you may be the best

By yourself

But you are always better

As part of a team

So celebrate your


By saying

Happy Valentine’s Day!

What Do You Read?


I wrote some pretty naming tweets yesterday and I wrote it because for one reason only. To make sure that you, understood where I was coming from. Why I feel the way I do and so other people are supported in the process. I know and some even have said “You know your life will get better if you come to our side.”

I have never been able to make those promises as I have already said my life is controlled.  If I don’t go where I am told and go elsewhere I am told I am not following the rules.  Where are these rules written I ask and I haven’t received an answer.

So I write what I know about and ask questions about what I don’t know about.  Most of the time this philosophy works if you completely understand the information.  Unfortunately sometimes I don’t understand fully and that gets me into major trouble as I should know what I am writing about. 

Then there are those times where a article is so layered that if you write about one of the layers with positivity though the other require a negative response.  This mixed messaging can be hard to understand and further turn into misunderstandings.  It is like the game of telephone that the message is so distorted from the original it has become false and baseless.

Don’t get me wrong there are tons of those who loathe Jennie Nawrocki but sometimes Jennie Nawrocki does make a valid statement and that is why some have listened and said Jennie Nawrocki isn’t pure evil. 

Those are normally the same people that can read an article about natural gas and don’t automatically think they are talking about gaslighting.  They are also the ones that see how something developing could become a superfund site or a titanic disaster. 


They know there are perspectives and experiences that people bring to their interactions with others.  They see the possibilities.  They prepare for all of them.  Does it stop them from moving forward, no it doesn’t.  It makes sure that in the future that quick solution of sweeping the dirt under the rug doesn’t really clean the house.

So I thank those who listened to me and said maybe we should factor in this idea of what Jennie Nawrocki said into our equation so our venture doesn’t turn into a Superfund Site. Imagine how much better America would be to live in if we didn’t have all these unlivable areas and we understood what the effects were before hand.

So I ask as you read do you see the young lady and the old lady? And how do you include this information into your decisions?

-Jennie Nawrocki