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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


The events in Haiti are a sign

Climate change is real

If you don’t save

Mother Earth

She can’t support you

Here is what you can do


But mostly

You heard it before

But it is true

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

That is the least

Amount of respect

You can give

Mother Earth

-Jennie Nawrocki



When we plan

Some manifest

The future

Others rely on fate

While some

May have a combination

Olympic Athletes

Train their

Whole lives

But yet

Only 3 win

Each competition

Was is fate

Manifesting destiny

Or the right training

Maybe even genetics

That gave them that win

Who knows

hasn’t been proven

One way or another

But one way is for sure

Just the perseverance

To be in the Olympics

Makes you

Achieve at least

One goal

You made it

You were there

And that is


Because you

wanted it

It was your decision

I am going to train

And you

Gained the strength

To be there

Manifested or fate

Believing in yourself

Seeing yourself


Doesn’t hurt

So go ahead

Imagine yourself

As what you want

To be

At least you went

As far as you could go


The hard work

and training

Is just the

physical achievement

Of your imagined goal

-Jennie Nawrocki

So What?


So what?

Doesn’t lead to apathy

Only opposite


You find

What really matters






And self

The big

And small


That give you focus

The priorities

That decide

What is


-Jennie Nawrocki

Choose Well


Each day

The news

Brings information

Some bad

However the reaction

Your personal resilience


Brings hope

Effort into action

That understanding

Despite everything

Humanity will persevere

Because you focused

On the good will

Of the people


Each other

Over the shellfish ego

That it is about

My future

Realizing instead

It is about

Our future

Our community


Knowing good

Is inherently

The disposition

Of all of us

And even if

You see bad

Or have

Bad experiences

You personally


I will be better

I chose

With integrity

Never to be

The a**hole

But the one

Who despite everything

Chose well

-Jennie Nawrocki

Who Am I


Who Am I

Am I a hater, some would have you think so.
Am I a dictator, I don’t see anyone wanting to follow or believe me.
Am I short, yes, but my temper has dropped.
Am I remorseful, we are not perfect.
Am I a savior, most believe there is only one of those.
Am I insane, only in the eyes of the beholder.
Am I stupid, I believe everyone has good intentions.
Am I a communicator, that is up for debate.
Am I a recycler, all good thoughts and blessings need repetition.
Am I fearful, this controls my actions more than anything else.
Am I depressed, I do have hope.
Am I living, here’s the written proof.
Am I realistic, just the facts.
Am I funny, many find me quite amusing.
Am I a dreamer, everyone has desires.
Am I a worker, when I know somebody positively benefits without greed.
Am I a woman, with all the working parts.
Am I pretty, 10’s are overrated.
Am I a loner, more times than I wish.
Am I a friend, I am already yours.
Am I a lover, of all things, yes, romantically, not at the moment.
Am I a partner, what did you have in mind?
Am I patient, I have waited a long time for many things.
Am I rich, I have a bountiful heart.
Am I good, that is my goal everyday.
Am I thankful, for all of you.
Am I proud, of who I am.

-Jennie Nawrocki

For years this was posted as the about page for Jennie Nawrocki but now we are changing into a nonprofit and soon the poetry and other artwork here will be by more than just Jennie Nawrocki.

So if you are a person with a disability or knows a person with a disability who writes, draws, sculpts, sees, acts, or plays, sing and composes music email us at Jennie.nawrocki@penaugural.com and we may publish and or sell your artwork here.

Don’t be shy you have seen some of my poetry though we do reserve the right based on hateful and inappropriate content not to publish your work.

Looking forward to expanding our author base soon.

Go Big At Home


It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day.

Start anew

We have elected a new president

We are getting rid of all sorts of systematic racism

We are taking precautions against sickness.

Something has to get better

Choose now what you want to improve

This is a necessity not just a news years resolution

It is like the changes we made because of the Civil War and World War II

We emancipated slaves

Woman were now workers

The depression had us budgeting our money differently.

We are repeating history

Stoping racism

Woman and minorities in major business and political roles

Budgeting because of Covid

We didn’t do it well enough the first time so we are doing it again.

I don’t know about you but this is a spring cleaning where no corner is left to make dust bunnies.

We are not going big OR go home.

We are going big AT home.

Be the better person you dreamed and do it now

Then you won’t have to eat those complaints inside you stressing you out.

-Jennie Nawrocki

Quarantine Activities


Where have you been

No where I guess

Just my apartment

What have you been doing

Cooking, cleaning, the same as you

Just that

Maybe some exercise and drawing too

Anything else

Along with reading and watching tv

That is mostly it

I think I reorganized my room

A few times too

Oh I wrote and zoomed with some friends

Why what did you do

During quarantine

-Jennie Nawrocki