Monthly Archives: June 2019

The Longest Day


Early the sun rises

Coloring the sky

Birds singing

Good morning

The day is young

We must work

Run errands

Coat friends

Strengthen family bonds

Eat heart and healthy

Over laughter and news

Maybe plan tomorrow

Or finish yesterday

Either way

The evening has

Begun to darken

With just a few hours

Left in the longest day

Soo close your eyes

Rest your crazy thoughts

Sleep well

And we will see you

In the morning

For I can’t imagine it

Without sharing it

With someone like you

Regardless of what

We do

-Jennie Nawrocki

Manly Father


The image is always rough and tumble

Breadwinner extraordinaire

Stubborn and wise in his opinions


He plays dolls with his girls

Gets weepy when his children do

Goes and checks on things

So his spouse can achieve their goals

He wants equal partnership

For he sees his sexy spouse

being rough and tumble

Just as he the sensitive father succeeds

Winning the heart of his children.

-Jennie Nawrocki



Walking here

Nobody in front

Nobody behind

Alone on my journey

Wanting or wandering

Towards home

Bouncing ideas

Isn’t an option

For the feedback

Just assumes

I got it right

But a second opinion

Would be second or third

If you are

Walking alone

-Jennie Nawrocki