Monthly Archives: December 2012



it had no intention
just expressions of emotions
gratitude, compassion
a venting of sad, mad and glad

there wasn’t an audience
only thoughts transcribed
absent of any expectations
or knowledge of the future

never meeting beyond a look
hearing only stories
superficial of soul
soon to be opened unconsciously

underneath layers provide meaning
emotions suppressed by daily actions
feelings have greater substance
interactions begin to blossom with understanding

no longer are there separate entities
just unexplained coincidences
occurrences begin with purpose
a depth of personal reflection revealed

changing insight with the life of today
wondering is this the direction of the future
unclear of everything transpiring around
writing turns explosive through external transitions

What is real? What is fantasy?
the reader begins deciding the fate
everyone begins to get involved
this is how it should turn out

it has already been published
just a rearrangement of words
thoughts are recycled by the masses
for the benefit of the individual reader

shut out the white noise, conflicting agendas
find ways to survive on learned loses and new insights
encounters no longer shows of fiction
rather truth begins to break character

the impact becomes personal
without an underlying facade
we are now able to base our thoughts, our actions
on a surface that isn’t hard as a rock.

-Jennie Nawrocki



leading stars
glowing moon
no alarm needed
still waiting for the hour

wonders abound
hopeful wishes
hints to be fulfilled
everything you wanted

silently step
wear something
camera flashes
plentiful treasures

flip of a switch
darkness breeds color
reflecting emptiness
by peace bounding

beverages to brew
waking coffee
temperate tea
warm cocoa

something for everyone
gathering their stockings
unloading the first
goods of the morn

little trinkets and sweets
eating candy
before breakfast
only once a year

Santas passes
presents one by one
plentiful surprises
hidden under decorative wrap

What is it?
fast or slow
covers removed
revealing desires

gasping awes
can it be
it really is
such a shock

dreams come alive
thank you
something I always wanted
spending time with you



warm greetings
upon entering
settled chaos
within the soul

a gentle lean
as they walk
smelling to see
is it really you

a little jump
a soft purr
relax for a moment
don’t go anywhere

eternity passed
since we last met
stories to tell
amongst memories

nestled closely
brings lasting
comforted slumber
play has been ceased

-jennie nawrocki



bodies tainted with fear
identities disappeared
innocence lost
forever scarred

devastation rages
void of all compassion
not seeing the soul
only the target

gunned into submission
until broken of life
a box for the victims
remembered under granite

saline filled memories
cease the pain
through solutions unfolded
awareness breeds prevention

-Jennie Nawrocki

From Fantasy to Reality


the fantasy of love is
rainbows wrapped in cotton candy
finding magical unicorns
romance in moonbeams
a dozen red roses ten times over
knights in shiny armor
buggy rides through the city lights
running amongst wildflowers
strolls to the beach
your dreamy happy ending
all are fireworks to explode

uncovering the realities of love is
picking up laundry soap after a long day
listening to the same story over and over again
being with someone when they don’t want to talk
cooking a dish you despise because they like it
playing cards with someone who isn’t in for the win
making a person laugh that is angry, sad, or happy
knowing when to let go
painting a wall again because it was a shade off
waiting at the DMV together
sews together the hidden truth of relationships

-Jennie Nawrocki



I never imagined you would let me down
I never believed my trust would dissipate
I never thought you would put words into anothers mouth
I never wanted to stray from your love

Never Say Never

I never felt my heart explode
I never cried in public
I never had sadness or disappointment rule
I never knew evil wins over good

Never Say Never

I never pondered I would be a card catalog for communication
I never saw so many people say two different things
I never viewed a photo as a weapon
I never understood how when I said “stop” you took it as a yes

Never Say Never

I never stuck through the hardships of love
I never sought the comfort of another untainted with fear
I never participated in sharing emotions with no judgement
I never was open to be vulnerable enough for love

Never Say Never

-Jennie Nawrocki



sole communication is widely viewed
forever extinct with extreme fortitude
I only have thoughts to squeal
of love so pure, so real
it ain’t the truth
it’s all in the mind
our story forever intertwined
will it ever be fine
I am told only in time
that you would be mine
a cross of the finger
my thoughts permanently linger
I no longer believe in fate
living only to remain in a curious state
will I ever be free
from the lies that people believe
hidden forces preventing progress
provide my world of emptiness
feeling of permanent defeat
leave me with words to repeat
all I have is this poem
telling you this is my home
in the arms of my love
protecting each other from danger above

-Jennie Nawrocki