Monthly Archives: December 2014



slowly each item

slides along

the revolving belt

to its destination

passing through

lazors streaming

seeing what is there

delivering information

to sources within

necessary for holistic data

then proceeding forward

it resumes its function

the original intention

of the invention

-Jennie Nawrocki

Holiday Spirit


hollys around

mistletoe to be found

the holidays are here

spreading happiness there

the wonderful decorations

building gleeful emotions

signaling that we

find a better way to be

what we have been given

must never be hidden

inside the ability

to see beyond the beauty

that sliver of dreams

found in our support beams

only bringing

extended joyful feelings

-Jennie Nawrocki



haven’t seen in ages

the world I once knew

for it has changed

morphed into another realm

forever tainted by

people who have tainted

its existence

away to live

transitioning it

into something

bringing freedom

never known before

freedom of conversation

-Jennie Nawrocki



it starts out

with greetings

meant to

break the ice

though considering

the meeting format

butterflies flutter

within settling

emotions of unease

for much is relevant

to future events

for all

want the other

to provide them

with something

giving to everyone

goodness to foster

-Jennie Nawrocki