Monthly Archives: January 2015



morphs of situation

brings new tactics

a way to rethink

regularities we know

awareness is pivotal

for everything seen

can’t be missed

relevance will

be shown when

its importance is needed

though not to be

hidden like secrets

for they are ready

in continual learning

of each individual

-Jennie Nawrocki

Two Worlds


constantly live in two worlds

that interconnect

though never coincide

they always want something

though mostly to embed

friendliness amongst all

their only goal was inclusion

a way to bring

worlds together

make them relatable

for people like to know

they are supported

-Jennie Nawrocki



water consisted

of double

the hydrogen

to oxygen

transforms states

with minimal effort

thereby adding

bits of flavor

or making it

a part of

scrumptious meals

though mostly

maintaining our need

inside our bodies

for each of us

is composed

of water

-Jennie Nawrocki



love is not defined

for the levels

of strength

intermixed relationships

among varying people

the complexity

confuses most

though for some

reason we know

when it is bold

and priceless

regardless of

filial or romantic

both separate

in persona

though completely

thick of affection

and attachment

different as

they are

there is only

one word

to describe


-Jennie Nawrocki