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Home is a sanctuary a place to feel safe. I haven’t felt safe in years basically the day I moved into the homeless shelter. Everyday someone somehow implies or says I ( Jennie Nawrocki) should be hurt or dead. Even my sister said I should be shot at the breakfast table while having a conversation with my mom. I knew the day I would never have really help or support from my my mother again, it was the day I saw a sketch of a baby holding it mothers finger and said something like a baby is nothing without its mothers help. I kneeled on the ground crying begging for her to not support this because of what it implied. I never had my mother come to my rescue since and even since she has said it hurts me that I can’t help you. Recently, my mother mentioned that her town has the most expensive dentists in the country and she doesn’t live in LA or New York. Now I need a lot of dental work done my teeth are gross (that is a story for a different day). Though this reminded me of when I was planning to go to China and have my mother take care of my cat while there, she knew I was going she knew she had been the primary person to take care of my cat while gone and she got a cat right before I left so I had to find someone else to take care of my cat. So recently I have been thinking of moving near my mother as someone to be near her to help her but I am sure she doesn’t want me anywhere near her especially since the dentist comment.

Why does your mother act like this?

She has acted like this for me to turn myself in either into an insane asylum or somewhere else but it is obvious she doesn’t want me near her. she calls it tough love.

So what other options do I have sisters who I have been told are blocking me from living the life I want or the brothers who refuse to speak or have me anywhere near them and say no one cares about your opinion.

In the beginning what did I do I went to a person who I thought I trust confide in tell my feelings. And the response was listen to your mother and you don’t have your priorities in order. Which was ironic because they were the ones who said my mother can’t help me. One of those people also didn’t tell me about his dead wife for three years even though we saw each other every week for over ten years.

Who would you trust, where would you say my home is?

I used to think home was while traveling seeing new places new people and going to concerts but even after a few of those I started crying on the return flight more often.

So stop asking me to go home they are slowly pushing it so I have no choice to live without my family including my mother in isolation as I pretty much have been doing the since 2012 and we all know what happens to those in isolation for long periods of time.

So am I really going home yes going to concerts and traveling was home to me but it hasn’t given me any sanctuary since I was kicked in the shoulder by the lead singer.

No I am going because I have no choice. What pain or torture I will endure is going to happen just like the person who said next time you are going to get hurt and worse.

I am also going so we get to get to an agreement or on the same page because obviously if I believed for years the lead singer loved me he wouldn’t have tried to kick me in the head. So I am going to explain every time you changed your website you changed your number, you changed your name or loyalty and didn’t tell me or had to keep any secrets or surprises from me we weren’t on the same page you were writing pages without my knowledge and you knew it and created distractions so I wouldn’t know.

If you want to be in agreement or at least on the same page I have to know what you read or have written.

Secrets and surprises always cover their own secrets and story whether bad or good.

-Jennie Nawrocki

Any Questions Answered


Why is it that everyone around me says didn’t you?

Well no I didn’t.

Though I have worked hard to keep my relationships

I write often.

Send cards, texts, emails and rarely replies except my mother and sister.

Do I call yes rarely. For some reason either no answer or wrong number.

Have i visited? Yes my whole family in the last year.

I am here for you! Don’t forget I am here when you need.

What you want? Any questions answered.

-Jennie Nawrocki

Are You A Winner?


I saw this tweet or x post from the US Tennis Open

Really no one remembers or aren’t winners?

I immediately thought of all the Olympians who have won silver and bronze medals and we didn’t love them any less. If you have forgotten some let’s talk about Simone Biles, Katie Ledecky, Michael Phelps the US hockey team they have won more silver than gold medals. We also know Mikaela Shiffrin and all the different medals she won but still supported her. Oh and what about the Jamaican bobsled team immortalized in Cool Runnings they didn’t even get a chance to medal.

Also in the world of sports yes we know Micheal Jordan and Steve Curry but we also remember how Lebron James went up against Steve Curry. In the world of football just this last year we remember the mom Donna Kielce supporting her two sons on opposing teams at the Super Bowl. Does she think one son is less than the other son? Does she love or not help one son over the other? How about all those teams the rarely ever make the Super Bowl do you think Chicago stops supporting The Bears?

Now let’s stop to think about music and movies. Are you aware of how many artists never have received a Grammy or Oscar. Jimi Hendrix and Queen or Glen Close and Samuel L Jackson. Are they unworthy of you listening or buying their albums or movies. The reality is they are more then worthy of your loyalty and support.

So to sit there and lose your loyalty and support for the US women’s soccer team or even Serena Williams herself is absolutely bad moral character. Even Dwayne Johnson or The Rock who boasts about being the winner also respects and remembers all those wrestlers who taught him how to wrestle but never won belts. Get out of your cunt character and realize that every winner has to meet their match even though that match didn’t win they still won the hearts of people and are remembered because they have their own loving support just as Coke and Pepsi or cool mints vs samoas or Harvard and Yale.

So support that band, watch that movie and buy that merchandise from the team or person you support even if they aren’t number 1 or the winner.

-Jennie Nawrocki

Labor Day


Labor Day is tomorrow

One day of the year

Most don’t have to work

For no special reason

Just it is time for a day off

In a country where some

Don’t even vacation

At least you have one day

Or hopefully at least

So enjoy

You worked hard

-Jennie Nawrocki

March For All the People


Today is the commemoration of the March on Washington. This is an event that needs to be revered. Many people including Martin Luther King and Al Sharpton were there to make way in this world for the equality that has been achieved today! This world, our country cannot and should not let the rights for all people regardless of their race or religion visible or invisible be counted as less than equal. Forever it is the quality of persona that defines whether a person is valuable. Even then we must remember we are one human race only and we survive in communities or villages. Every person belongs. So don’t be snooty with your nose in the air like you are better than everyone else. Gain your vision by looking ahead not as it is right above you or in hindsight. Yes, look ahead. Gain perspective that what you see is inclusive. Everyone, everybody in that picture is important. If you only walk one path each day make sure to march where it winds into seeing all or every neighborhood only then will you really be for every person.

-Jennie Nawrocki

Know that


My friends and family in California and the southwest

Know that you are strong

Know that we know you will survive

Know that you are loved

Know that aid will come

Know that your resilience will succeed

Californians may be Hollywood, beaches and Silicon Valley but it is also the land of Haight Asbury and community togetherness.

You are the biggest love community out there

Let that supporting love overwhelm so the rest of the world knows that

-Jennie Nawrocki

50 Years of Hip Hop


Friday August 11th in Yankee Stadium, I was able to see some of the renowned Hip Hop artists. They we’re celebrating 50 years for Hip Hop that began right here in the Bronx on August 11th 1973. It was two people wanting kids to have nice clothes for the new school year so they started a genre a music just to fundraise. Specifically, these music innovators were DJ Kool Herc and Cindy Campbell. Since then this genre of music has become so mainstream that it is incorporated in most music. Old Town Road by Lil Nas X recently being the most famous. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bach was made into a beat for Hip Hop. I have never considered myself a Hip Hop die hard, I think Disney tunes and America’s top 40’s would have that claim, heck even at this concert I chimed in with a little Edelweiss from the Sound of Music came to mind. However, that doesn’t give justice to the influence and phenomenal talent of hip hop legends have garnered in the music industry. I was lucky to be there on this anniversary to fundraise that rightly needed and justified Hip Hop Museum, soon to be built in the Bronx where it all started. What was also noticeable was that Senator Chuck Schumer, Governor Kathy Hochul, and even local leaders ( man if I was a real reporter I would have took notes and written all their names) but here is an article by Billboard that is way more professional. With all that said, I want to thank all the performers and everyone who put this amazing event together, it was mentioned though that Nas was the real creator of this event. I should’ve have seen and gone to more of these concerts sooner then I would have actually known which artist went with what song. Seriously I have only admiration for these performers and their music. In addition, Questlove from the Roots started this dedication to Hip Hops history at the 2023 Grammy’s. History was not meant to be forgotten but remembered with heart. So I thank you Nas Ice Cube, Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Run DMC, DJ Kool Herc and many more including Lauren Hill and Flavor Flav who made surprise appearances for every note, beat and sound produced that made me dance for over 8 hours. We will be listening!

Here are as many of the performances in order I was able to take pictures of that wonderful evening.

Senator Chuck Schumer, DJ Kool Herc and Cindy Campbell
Local Bronx celebrity and councilwoman
Kurtis Blow
Roxanne Shante
Grandmaster Cas
Grandmaster Melle Mel
Douge Fresh
Slick Rick
Coke La Rock
Dedication to DJ Kool Herc
DJ Drama
Lupe Fiasco
Remy Ma
Lola Brooke
Lil Kim
Lil’ Cease
King Combs
DJ AK Jive
Ghostface Killah
Kid Capri
A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie
Fat Joe
DJ Clark Kent
Lil Wayne
Ice Cube
Snoop Dogg
Nas and Kool G Rap
Ms. Lauren Hill

Please excuse the quality of photos I was too busy dancing to concentrate on photography and like I said before there are some artists I don’t remember or have pictures of and for that I give you my apologies.

Last but not least if you want to donate to the creation of the Hip Hop Museum you certainly may.

Thank you again!

-Jennie Nawrocki

Huh what was that stress again?


🎼 When days are hot

When days are cool

There’s nothing we rather do

Then go swimming in the swimming pool 🎼

Camp song -author unknown

When I was a child

Summers were filled with swimming

Either at the community pool

Local lakes

And while camping

My mom was much on academics

She just didn’t want us inside

Watching The Price is Right and Days of Our Lives all day

So swimming we went

Sometimes I think my family was born in water

Those drops 💦 of water falling and covering your body as you exit the water.

Sitting with your family chatting and enjoying a picnic maybe even bbq.

A magazine or book you haven’t had time to read.

Or just simply savoring a 🍹🍷🧃🧉🧋you never know.

Sun rays warm the skin

Breeze just to cool the extra warm

And another dip if way too hot

Though always music to sooth the soul

Relax it’s your day at the water.

Stop stressing

Stop worrying

Stop screen time

You need to trigger gentility

Into extreme relaxation

So when you do work

You forgot what the word


Even means

-Jennie Nawrocki

Happy Birthday!


This month is my birthday as well as many other birthdays!

You can celebrate in fact I want you to!

Birthdays are to be joyful occasions.

If I had a party it would be completely a stress relief never want to leave this blissful place party.

This is how I want this month to be.

So take a mandatory day or few hours and have some time to relax and do what you want.

Not what I want or anyone else wants but what you want because for whatever reason you couldn’t.

Now is the time, do what you want.

That is my request for this month.

Jennie Nawrocki 8-14-1974

Has to be legal.