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Teeter Totter


I expect the worst

You expect the best

We are the yin and yang

As we work together

Or at odds

Finding each other

Only online

For seeing and spending time

In the same room

On equal terms of respect

Some say will happen

When pigs fly

Others keep the dream alive

Up to you

For I am willing

To make that teeter totter even

Rather than heavy sided

Are you?

-Jennie Nawrocki

Thank You


You know all

You created evolution

After you created us

You gave us free will

And forgave us

We breath your oxygen

Above the soil

Of the land you made

Rains are only

A cleansing mechanism

For you built us a home

Full of the families generated

From first humans

You trusted with your world

Among friendly communities

The least we could do

Is thank you, God.

-Jennie Nawrocki



With a free tree donation I was able to plant this Magnolia tree on the city sidewalk. Our sidewalk looks much more like a home than a concrete jungle it once was. Never seeing the downside of planting any foliage or flower, I was excited to see it grow over time. The effects were instantaneous. Everyone walking by seemed to feel like they were strolling through the park. The oxygen it gave seemed to quell my sinuses. Trees are shade for a hot day. Trees are swing holders and house supporting beams. Trees give us food to eat. Plant a tree it makes you stronger.

-Jennie Nawrocki

What’s to understand?


It relates to you

It has nothing to do with you

Can’t you read

Stop watching me

Why don’t you do what I say

You are such a troll

Call me

I won’t give you my phone number

I don’t care

When are you going to work

You are not invited

Come home

What’s wrong with you

Never again

-Jennie Nawrocki