Monthly Archives: November 2018

Strength In Feet


The base


Individual weight

Rocking back and forth

Provides movement

While curved arches

Give beauty

To a finish line

Of the body

Ten little toes

Wiggle for balance

For twist and turns

Of daily needs

Only occur

When you put

One foot

In front of the other

Even though

Strong and sturdy

We still need shoes

To protect those ugly things

Because most of the time

Streets are even more gross

Don’t ya think?

-Jennie Nawrocki

Stop the Mistake


When making a promise to support someone always, it doesn’t mean you say yeah go for it when they are making the stupidest mistake ever. It means I am here for you but you realize if you do that you might not like the result. For example, you tell a friend they don’t look fabulous if they have something stuck in their teeth or you say the neighborhood ain’t going to support you if you paint a mural of the movie character Carrie all bloodied up on your car. There are just sometimes you have to say “I don’t think this is a good idea.” You have to speak up and prevent people from danger. Why do you think we have stop signs and orange barriers, to give people, humans warnings even if we don’t know who they are. We do this not only is it a law but also because it is morally correct. So speak up, the next time someone is making a mistake as long as your are not judgmental and they will thank you for it.

-Jennie Nawrocki

I Met You


Every relationship is important

Losing one is never easy

For they were bonded

With you

For some reason or another

Those bonds have remenants

Making our hearts

Strong when trust occurs

Wise through learning

And excited through shared experiences

So when you finally do meet someone

Know it is important

And should never be taken for granted

-Jennie Nawrocki