Monthly Archives: March 2019



Mighty we are

When strength

Comes from

Ambition fortitude

Support by family

For even when

Outcome isn’t strong

Somebody somehow

Decides next time

Or plain as day

We did our best

And maybe we can’t

Be number 1

But we sure are

Like everyone else

Without the gold

So be happy for the

The winner

But also gloat

Your just

One in a million

Who didn’t win

And it is sure good

To be average

-Jennie Nawrocki



No facial features

Shadows of darkness

Wondering if contact

Was made

For it was so brief

Just a second

But thought

Is so sickening

You and the entire

Population of heartbeats

Wants to throw up


-Jennie Nawrocki

Some days


Some days

The sky is grey

The mood is calm

The pace is slow

Projects aren’t due

Conservation is mellow

Hot beverages

Warming insides

With yummies

To be eaten

Maybe a movie

Or just a little time

To relax

-Jennie Nawrocki



I see you

though I don’t exist

I hear you

though I don’t exist

I read about you

though I don’t exist

Right in front of me

though I don’t exist

I want to exist

No you don’t exist

-Jennie Nawrocki