Monthly Archives: March 2023

Working together


There are men who I loved

Some loved me in return

Some hated me and called me troll

But each one

Especially onyx, Angel and Phinaes

I still regard well


Because this is planet earth

And a community

We need to work together

Regardless of differences

For the sake

Of progress.

-Jennie Nawrocki



March Madness

April fools

May flowers

June surprise

July Xmas from me

August heat

September Ends and begins

October New year

November I’m here

December Gifts

January everything changes

February get ready

March Madness

-Jennie Nawrocki



Banks collapsing

Racism increasing

Hackers online

Cameras everywhere

Poverty rising

Division lines easily seen

Have and have nots

Who is your friend?

Certainly not chaos

Chosen ones and un chosen ones

Unsure of where you stand

How to get better

Protect yourself

Protect those you trust

Add buffers safety nets, now.

and whatever you do

Careful what you say to whom.

All is recorded

You are not on candid camera

It is real

Jennie Nawrocki

Experienced it all before.

-Jennie Nawrocki



Relax in the moment

As spring is soon

Winter cold disappears

Into the warm of the sun

Flowers bloom

Birds chirp

Trees bud then

Fill the empty space

With bright green leaves

We spend more time outside

As the chill is gone

And we just soak

In the sunshine

-Jennie Nawrocki