Monthly Archives: January 2019



Two worlds

Strewn on top

Of each other

Always telling

Me my story

But never theirs

Maybe accomplishments

Purposely designed

jealously or anger

Shed those tears

Only increases the question

Why are we in a unhealthy

One sided relationship?

Didn’t you ever want to be friends?

-Jennie Nawrocki



He is nice

Energy abounds

Unending activities

For there

Is another day

To conquer

And excel

As though

Nothing is difficult

Just something

New to learn

And he saw me

With sadness

And somehow

His world changed

He showed care

In a way

He didn’t understand

But she did

And she was

Forever grateful

For him

-Jennie Nawrocki



Inside all the information

Outside was all the action

Together a conversation

Held with questions

So many questions

But we have to know

Have to be sure

Beyond the benefit of doubt

To determine the law

And those who need

A reminder

From those who remain free.

-Jennie Nawrocki



Bringing the stage

Showing our lives

Documenting history

Through motion pictures

First black and white

And now color

To visit friendly families

That represent our own

And a few that don’t

But the hilarity and drama

Music and dance

News and talk

We see the world

On a screen


Right in our

Living rooms

-Jennie Nawrocki