Monthly Archives: June 2021

Let Love In


Who you love

Some say

Is a match

A completion

an opposite

Right away

Or grew stronger

However it occurs

Don’t squash it

Accept it

And accept others

For love doesn’t

Come uniform

Love comes

How you

Need it

How you

Nurture it

How you

Respect it

Love everywhere

Just love the way

That you are

Born to love.

-Jennie Nawrocki

Adapt, Modify, Change for the Better



Stayed at home

No visitors

Or visiting others

We wore masks

Became vaccinated

Virtually were meeting

But the visits

Still missing

Even though

You’re invited

Once we can

But when

But how

So many people

So little time

It’s time

But reassess

What worked

What didn’t

Nows the time

If it worked great

But if you are glad

It was gone

Don’t resumed

Or change it

Why settle

When you can

Make it better

The time is now

Set a new beginning

-Jennie Nawrocki