Monthly Archives: October 2020

Think We Need You


If the world was a complete horror more people would be depressed but it is not.

There are so many parts to love about this world. It is worth keeping and our lives on it are worth having days of calm, joy and safety.

Unfortunately we have a pandemic, riots in the streets, unbalanced economy and extreme weather.

This can be prevented.

First we have to stop thinking violence. Explain the bad are those hurting others.

Always de escalate, deflect or redirect, and defend.

The best offense is invisible.

Most importantly don’t think your opponent is unworthy think of them as future member of your team.

Think we need you.

Your team is no good if wounded so the less you wound your future team member the better.

Think we need you.

Believe me strategies change when you realize the other side is more important as an ally.

Think we need you.

Think we need you.

-Jennie Nawrocki

Quarantine Activities


Where have you been

No where I guess

Just my apartment

What have you been doing

Cooking, cleaning, the same as you

Just that

Maybe some exercise and drawing too

Anything else

Along with reading and watching tv

That is mostly it

I think I reorganized my room

A few times too

Oh I wrote and zoomed with some friends

Why what did you do

During quarantine

-Jennie Nawrocki

Living My Best


There will always be

A better this

A better that

For I am ok

at everything

but excellent

at nothing

No frets

No frowns

Just living my best

Even if it is

Just ok

Thinking about this some people say it is good to know your place in life because we all can’t be number one and stupid to try to improve on average. Then the flip side is why settle for second best you just don’t put your heart and soul into it or basically your lazy and have no drive.

So which is it am I lazy or unqualified to improve.

I have been told both but now it is time for me to find out.

How will you find out if you are living at the best you could ever possibly be?

-Jennie Nawrocki