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When we plan

Some manifest

The future

Others rely on fate

While some

May have a combination

Olympic Athletes

Train their

Whole lives

But yet

Only 3 win

Each competition

Was is fate

Manifesting destiny

Or the right training

Maybe even genetics

That gave them that win

Who knows

hasn’t been proven

One way or another

But one way is for sure

Just the perseverance

To be in the Olympics

Makes you

Achieve at least

One goal

You made it

You were there

And that is


Because you

wanted it

It was your decision

I am going to train

And you

Gained the strength

To be there

Manifested or fate

Believing in yourself

Seeing yourself


Doesn’t hurt

So go ahead

Imagine yourself

As what you want

To be

At least you went

As far as you could go


The hard work

and training

Is just the

physical achievement

Of your imagined goal

-Jennie Nawrocki