Monthly Archives: June 2017

Father’s Day


Whether your father was always there or hardly there, this day reflects those times you did know him and how much he means to you.  For without him you wouldn’t be here. Love in all its forms builds from times well spent together.  Me and my dad had a few moments and I will never forget those moments of kindness.

-Jennie Nawrocki 

My Life


I read, see, and hear so much information some of it is repeat and some of it new.  I have worked so hard to stay true and never cheat, in order to have my goals met. In that respect I really loved and love people, I can’t help it.  I love human beings, animals, plants even dirt and air.  There is no surprise that love comes in many different forms. I even love people I never met, if that is possible.  Even when angry, I rethink until I find a way to love again.  However most people who loved me have left me and I am told shouldn’t think any different, for I deserve the lonely life I live.  Somehow I didn’t respect the right people when I should have ( we disagreed on issues). Here is where it leaves me forever to feel alone. Though I will say I didn’t lie when I said I loved you.

– Jennie Nawrocki 



Yesterday despondency 

Rained heavily 

Swirling images 

So powerful 

Stuck vividly 

Imbedded into

Everything abound

This happened here

That never occurred 

Even when

Possibilities exhausted

Trying to look for

Could’ve maybes

But really

No I don’t think so

and didn’t want to

Think of

The sickening situation 

In the first place.

-Jennifer Nawrocki 



I had an argument with myself the other day about racism.  I said I saw that more and more African Americans are gaining positions of power and they are finally happy the roles reversed,  instead of seeing the mostly white congress I saw a mostly African American congress.  I thought just how an all white congress is racist and non representative of the population so would be an all African American congress then I said well I am racist for saying there shouldn’t be an all African American congress.  The thing is I was really saying there shouldn’t be an all ”            ” race of congress.  I don’t think only one group should be in power just like I don’t think only republicans or only democrats should  be in power.  America was built on a system of checks and balances and religious freedom (which in my opinion should have be cultural freedom), we need that.  I have said before where is the rich African American neighborhood or the rich  ”       ” neighborhood.  To be honest I just don’t think one race should have power over another regardless of which races they are.

 In addition.  I have said that I try not to notice the color of a persons skin though if you know me I have never tried to not include a culture in my life, I am known to celebrate more holidays than the average person for that reason.  So I may not notice your skin tone ( although that is hard to not notice) I do notice you and what you hold dear to your heart, whatever culture that may be and that to me is the most important.

-Jennie Nawrocki