I had an argument with myself the other day about racism.  I said I saw that more and more African Americans are gaining positions of power and they are finally happy the roles reversed,  instead of seeing the mostly white congress I saw a mostly African American congress.  I thought just how an all white congress is racist and non representative of the population so would be an all African American congress then I said well I am racist for saying there shouldn’t be an all African American congress.  The thing is I was really saying there shouldn’t be an all ”            ” race of congress.  I don’t think only one group should be in power just like I don’t think only republicans or only democrats should  be in power.  America was built on a system of checks and balances and religious freedom (which in my opinion should have be cultural freedom), we need that.  I have said before where is the rich African American neighborhood or the rich  ”       ” neighborhood.  To be honest I just don’t think one race should have power over another regardless of which races they are.

 In addition.  I have said that I try not to notice the color of a persons skin though if you know me I have never tried to not include a culture in my life, I am known to celebrate more holidays than the average person for that reason.  So I may not notice your skin tone ( although that is hard to not notice) I do notice you and what you hold dear to your heart, whatever culture that may be and that to me is the most important.

-Jennie Nawrocki 

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