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Some Old Some New


New Year

Brings resolutions

But really

It brings


Exuberant thankfulness

in holiday spirit

Extinguishes tension

That built over time

So mountains

Become mini

grains of salt

flavoring relationships

Into strong bonds

Creating positive

Lifetime memories

-Jennie Nawrocki

Happy Holidays


The time of year

When everyone

Seems to acquire

The holiday spirit

Where nothing

Is too horrible

We give a little extra

Because somehow

We become

More inclusive

For being

Left out

Isn’t human

So smile more

Laugh often

Listen intentionally

Respond respectful

And maybe that

Holiday spirit

Lasts all year

especially if

Rudolph is

Holding the Menorah

And leading the sleigh.

-Jennie Nawrocki



Such is friendship

We have been through

So much strife

Endless flubbs

Incessant panic attacks

Unknown support

It is a wonder

How we ever stayed friends

But I am sure comforted

By the thought we are

Thank you

-Jennie Nawrocki

It’s Real


if y’all didn’t see my last post New Project please give it a read and donate to those who are struggling financially. Any amount will benefit those who need a home. Yes I know it seems strange how can a woman like myself be in contact with the Royal Council Federation, well I am not sure myself but I am not knocking it if you know what I mean. They as well as I know people out there need support and you are the one to give it to them donate now and you will see the results of better communities.

Thank you again,

Jennie Nawrocki

New Royal Project


Today I am writing on behalf of the Royal Council Foundation of The United Kingdom. I have been in contact with Prince William and have been authorized to find those who would be willing to donate for those who are less privileged. Specifically the mission of the charity foundation is to change the lives of the less privileged children and the poor orphans, give them a better future and most especially, to ensure that children in need are not denied opportunity to harness their potentials to the fullest.

The Foundation leaders believe in impacting positively on the welfare of the less privileged, the orphans and perhaps, the elderly requires a great deal of sincerity, love and care and most importantly, fear of God as well as to a very large extent. The Royal Council Foundation would like to Build a Home in New York which will include a Mini Hospital and a School for the Less Privilege and the Poor Orphans.

The alarming rate of poverty in our society today, in addition to the undesirable circumstances that surrounds many individuals, particularly the orphans and those that are suffering from one form of perpetual health deformity or the other, calls for passionate concern.

I have been donating funds for about 3 months now and know my money has helped the less privilege children, the poor orphans and the elderly, by providing medical services and even educational aid to the less privileged, the orphans as well as those confronted with health deformity. through which the desired and sustainable turning around of the lives of the needy in the society can be guaranteed. To a very large extent, it is a realistic instrument designed with the aim of rendering certain free services in the area of education, financial assistance and medical services for different categories of such individuals and also to give them a sense of belonging.

As a result I have added a paypal option to my website Penaugural where as you know I write my thoughts as well as some poetry. I would like to think my readers will take the opportunity to donate to The Royal Council Foundation for I will not be keeping any of the money you donate, all proceeds will go directly to the less privileged for the Foundation to provide free services of which they need to live life to their fullest potential. The donation denomination starts at $5 but you can increase the amount as much as you are able.

I thank you in advance for your donation and each of you will be given a receipt for tax purposes. This may be the time of year you are asked by several charities for donations but you will be able to see the difference over time as we continue to raise productive citizens who improve your community with knowledge, strength, compassion and work ethic through kindness.

Thank you again so much for your donation to the Royal Council Foundation and I will answer any questions you may have in the comment section below.

-With love

Jennie Nawrocki


Royal Council Foundation




Bellies full

Turkey sandwiches eaten

Pumpkin pie waiting

But wait there’s more

Holiday gatherings

Families to visit

Song sung

Classics watched

Amongst lights

Surrounding windows

Enveloping trees

All colors represented

Maybe a man

Bringing presents

With his

Belly full

-Jennie Nawrocki


Royal Council Foundation