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When my mom divorced my dad in 1975. Women weren’t allowed to have credit cards or own homes without a male co signer. She had 5 children ranging in ages from 6 months to 13 years. She relied on government assistance to change laws so women didn’t have to have male co-signers, she also relied on the free and reduced lunch options and even food stamps. She went to work full time and school full time because she knew minimum wage does not support a family. We ate meals of baloney and bread for years. She managed her money so we had a roof, clothes and food. Heck my mom even made her own curtains and clothes. Everything was from scratch because it was cheaper. So when I hear that they want to take away funds for families like this because they think they will depend on the government welfare. Ha ha ha I was raised by my brothers and sister so my mom could work her ass off. Welfare as republicans call food stamps, Medicade and social security isn’t making people or humans dependent or manipulators of the system it is allowing families to breathe and spend time together. Not sure that if you heard a family that spends time together is more likely going to be have more productive members of society than those that don’t bond. Single parent families don’t devalue work they just choose to provide or work over family time.

-Jennie Nawrocki



Please tell me

How I was dating you or

Married to you?

One face mostly was seen

In my dreams

One face was relooked at

Time and again

So why? So how?

Could I cheat?

Choosing only one man.

For my sanity


And yours.

Please understand

I am not cheating.

-Jennie Nawrocki

Double down


Why is it that this term only seems to happen with bad behavior?

You don’t double down giving to charity, you just give.

You don’t double down reading social media, you just read.

You don’t double down greeting your neighbor, you just say hello.

You don’t double down watching a tv, you just watch tv.

You don’t double down studying for a test, you just cram for a test.

You don’t double down saying I love you, you just say I love you.

Remember a double down happened because the first occurrence was controversial.

Those who double down are trying to prove their behavior is good, don’t believe them.

-Jennie Nawrocki

Science Is Proven Fact


Science is proven everyday

You store something in the fridge and it slows bad microbes.

You wash your hands to prevent diseases.

We have lived longer because of soap.

Red and blue always make some sort of purple.

Rain falls from the clouds and then evaporates into more clouds.

The air is better outside an industrial zone.

Those who were born in the Andes have lungs that process air differently because of high altitude.

It is almost impossible to cross a raging river unless you are prepared.

Fire burns and is hot.

Milk comes from mammals.

Some oysters have pearls.

Acids make milk congeal.

Many species like to live in communities.

Medical staff wear gloves and masks to prevent disease and the spread of disease.

Almost impossible to get chickenpox when you aren’t around someone with chickenpox.

Arguing with scientific fact is ridiculous.

You don’t need a picture, video or recording of science just put lemon juice and milk together.

-Jennie Nawrocki

Set Aside Hate


Some of you are very angry with me, seeking vengeance any way possible. I see it, I hear it, I experience it, and I feel it. So much so that I am now just scum horrible rotten scum. Whatever your reason is you have stopped seeing anything else, you say I am incapable at best. You say I am unfit even for a mothers love. Though you also say go home. You also say, “That irrelevant b**** has to stay out of my lane.” Though you taken my computer, my ability to find a full time work by hacking my emails. But yet I don’t want to take away your social security or require guns to defend myself and haven’t taken any of your choices. So why think I am the former President? I haven’t moved or gone home as you have asked about for years because where I was no longer exists. So we have to come to some consensus, and that is not going to happen without direct conversation. Otherwise you telling me what to do is spilling into America and if that happens we are no longer a democratic society but a single minded one. I really don’t want that as much as you. So if you want progress than let’s not let this be the dark ages but a government for the people, by the people and lead by the people. Choose Trump or choose democracy you have a choice. Seriously choose choices.

-Jennie Nawrocki.



You know what surprises me?

The fact that we are related.

Yes just looking at all the connections

15th and 16th cousins we could be

but yet we are so different

But why?

We have similar DNA

we are family

So why the hell do we fight?

Power, prestige, money

Fame, social status, what?

We must stop arguing

It’s beyond silly

It’s becoming disastrous.

I may never be what you wanted

Or lived up to your potential

But I ain’t in your way

So why the chase?

-Jennie Nawrocki

Together Again


As we celebrate Thanksgiving

People as what are you grateful for?

Well I am grateful for the few people I do talk to.

And know spending time with them is important.

But beyond gratefulness.

This is the first year many are visiting their families again.

That in itself is special.

Enjoy being together again.

It is your right.

-Jennie Nawrocki