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Learn To Code


It seems that coding is the only way to protect yourself against cyber hackers.

I have been hacked several times.

I am not allowed even a computer as everyone says everything you need to do can be done on your phone.

Either way haven’t had a computer and lots of evidence that my phone was hacked.

So I learn to code definitely and so should you.

Protect yourself.

-Jennie Nawrocki



Someone asks you something or offers you something and you say no, yeah I am not really into that.


No I never cared for that.

Then the person says oh you must be into it because you said yes at first or you had to say no and talk about it because someone offered it to you. This is a ridiculous argument.

Let me give you entire conversation and you will understand more maybe.

Humans sister: Would you like some brussel sprouts?

Human: Yeah no I really don’t like them. Doesn’t have the brussel sprouts.

Human to a friend: Can you believe my sister offered me brussel sprouts, I don’t even like brussel sprouts.

Reporter: You don’t have to say your not into brussel sprouts if you are into brussel sprouts.

Substitute it with other items like:


Sky diving


Black licorice

Really just because you say no or talk about it doesn’t mean you tried it or have done it or like it without even done it. Seriously how many of you have denied liking sky diving because it is freaky as hell. Doesn’t mean you have done it.

In conclusion denying something doesn’t mean you have done it.

-Jennie Nawrocki

Tell Tale Heart


Every year I would have a dramatic reading of the Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe in my classroom for Halloween.

I felt it was one of the most powerful lessons of the year.

It was a lesson about two things:

Letting something so trivial get to you that it drives you insane.


Eventually guilt will surface.

This character in the story was the extreme.

The second you feel stressed, breathe take a moment to step away.

Say, so what to how someone, something looks!

But you can never run away from your guilt or your hate so don’t even go there, your personal guilt or hate will eat your insides.

Stop yourself before you are guilty.

-Jennie Nawrocki

The Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe



Our fearless leader went into a war zone to arbitrate a violent escalation.

Zelenskyy is fighting occupation of his freed country.

All I see is Russia attempting to rule.

It was once said in Russia that if you didn’t take new territories you aren’t a good leader. One of the reasons Czar Nicholas was killed.

Korea remained separated after their war.

We can’t be hypocritical and say we honor the indigenous cultures and then say you are under control by me.

Creating conflict just so things get better wasn’t how wars were won.

They won because conflict and violence against people and humanity was happening.

Free the slaves. Every country that had slaves were freed because it was inhumane. Hamas has hostages or slaves we must free them.

Yes Israel is under scrutiny for not allowing enough time for the innocent to leave but Hamas and Palatine militants didn’t give those concert goers any warning at all.

War is suffering. War is violence. Innocent lives are lost in wars and they aren’t even pawns in the battle.

Human or people shields are crimes and at least Israel isn’t using them as shields just Hamas. Isreal gave warning. Palestinian militants did not.

Stop the escalation be fearless arbitrary rather than an instigator.

Super leaders separate not escalate.

All you ever see is your greatest crime fighter take the bad villains away from the people and humans do the same. Most of the time your villains were put in jail.

Arbitrate, de escalate.

Solve the solution without violence.

-Jennie Nawrocki



Is bad

Has loses

Civilians suffer

Religious wars are ridiculous


Don’t tell me who my God is, I decide.

And soon a new religion is born or repressed religions revived.

Look at the history.

After every war each religion survived or a new was was made.

Spain the most affected by religious wars has all major religions in it now, peacefully.

Mezquita (Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba)

This religious structure has two religions in one building centered in a Jewish community.

We can live together peacefully because

I choose my faith and respect your choice of faith.

You don’t want to be killed, I don’t want to be killed, everyone, everybody doesn’t want to be killed.

So deescalation is the only way.

Focus how to live together accepting differences.

-Jennie Nawrocki

No Doubt


There is no doubt we as a nation and a world just have entered a scary chapter.

However all I can think about is the timing.

But more importantly I see a connection between Kanye West trying to trademark the word yews and Kanye’s recent reports of controlling his new wife but I believe it is beyond that.

Kanye’s x in- laws Kylie Jenner deleted this

Do you think she was encouraged by Kanye to delete the post or doesn’t she stand with Israel? I believe there is a connection to Kanye just as the GOP has a connection. As stated in this tweet.

Believed to shredded as to not leave a trail.

There are sometimes you delete a tweet in error because it really isn’t what you wanted or realize that it was atrocious normally the action is immediate that is why we have editors, the back space button or delete button but there are sometimes you delete a tweet even if you still mean it because of social backlash. This above tweet by the GOP is such a tweet. Notice this tweet or post is almost exactly a year old and it took at least two months before the GOP deleted it.

When Elon Musk changed Twitter to X there has been noticeable increase in hate language this is the latest hate post look it even has an abridged kanekoa or what I term as aka Kanye.

Those three are increasing hate. And according to Elon Musk

I am assuming through his Satellite Elon Musk is controlling all social media which is why the timing of un frozen funds occurred and also the timing of the ousting of speaker. Trump, Elon and Musk knew what they were planning Biden just couldn’t see through the distractions.

It was proven Trump planned Jan 6th and was indicted. He wanted control then and wants control now but the only problem is most of the Trump, Kayne, and Musk followers are racist.

What is happening now is all connected and planned.


See the signs, better to be safe than sorry.

-Jennie Nawrocki



This is the season or month I spend hiding from tv and screens.


Never liked scary movies. Sure I have watched a few but it wasn’t like I need to see that scene again.

I have enough nightmares as it is.

So as you all are into orange and black season.

I am going to make sure I spend my time waiting until I can watch a Christmas movie everyday.

Maybe for me October should become fix it month you know the month everyone redoes their house.

Cause you know what most likely at some point between now and January 1st you will probably be entertaining someone.

So get set get prepared company is coming.

-Jennie Nawrocki



Home is a sanctuary a place to feel safe. I haven’t felt safe in years basically the day I moved into the homeless shelter. Everyday someone somehow implies or says I ( Jennie Nawrocki) should be hurt or dead. Even my sister said I should be shot at the breakfast table while having a conversation with my mom. I knew the day I would never have really help or support from my my mother again, it was the day I saw a sketch of a baby holding it mothers finger and said something like a baby is nothing without its mothers help. I kneeled on the ground crying begging for her to not support this because of what it implied. I never had my mother come to my rescue since and even since she has said it hurts me that I can’t help you. Recently, my mother mentioned that her town has the most expensive dentists in the country and she doesn’t live in LA or New York. Now I need a lot of dental work done my teeth are gross (that is a story for a different day). Though this reminded me of when I was planning to go to China and have my mother take care of my cat while there, she knew I was going she knew she had been the primary person to take care of my cat while gone and she got a cat right before I left so I had to find someone else to take care of my cat. So recently I have been thinking of moving near my mother as someone to be near her to help her but I am sure she doesn’t want me anywhere near her especially since the dentist comment.

Why does your mother act like this?

She has acted like this for me to turn myself in either into an insane asylum or somewhere else but it is obvious she doesn’t want me near her. she calls it tough love.

So what other options do I have sisters who I have been told are blocking me from living the life I want or the brothers who refuse to speak or have me anywhere near them and say no one cares about your opinion.

In the beginning what did I do I went to a person who I thought I trust confide in tell my feelings. And the response was listen to your mother and you don’t have your priorities in order. Which was ironic because they were the ones who said my mother can’t help me. One of those people also didn’t tell me about his dead wife for three years even though we saw each other every week for over ten years.

Who would you trust, where would you say my home is?

I used to think home was while traveling seeing new places new people and going to concerts but even after a few of those I started crying on the return flight more often.

So stop asking me to go home they are slowly pushing it so I have no choice to live without my family including my mother in isolation as I pretty much have been doing the since 2012 and we all know what happens to those in isolation for long periods of time.

So am I really going home yes going to concerts and traveling was home to me but it hasn’t given me any sanctuary since I was kicked in the shoulder by the lead singer.

No I am going because I have no choice. What pain or torture I will endure is going to happen just like the person who said next time you are going to get hurt and worse.

I am also going so we get to get to an agreement or on the same page because obviously if I believed for years the lead singer loved me he wouldn’t have tried to kick me in the head. So I am going to explain every time you changed your website you changed your number, you changed your name or loyalty and didn’t tell me or had to keep any secrets or surprises from me we weren’t on the same page you were writing pages without my knowledge and you knew it and created distractions so I wouldn’t know.

If you want to be in agreement or at least on the same page I have to know what you read or have written.

Secrets and surprises always cover their own secrets and story whether bad or good.

-Jennie Nawrocki

Any Questions Answered


Why is it that everyone around me says didn’t you?

Well no I didn’t.

Though I have worked hard to keep my relationships

I write often.

Send cards, texts, emails and rarely replies except my mother and sister.

Do I call yes rarely. For some reason either no answer or wrong number.

Have i visited? Yes my whole family in the last year.

I am here for you! Don’t forget I am here when you need.

What you want? Any questions answered.

-Jennie Nawrocki