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What Do You Read?


I wrote some pretty naming tweets yesterday and I wrote it because for one reason only. To make sure that you, understood where I was coming from. Why I feel the way I do and so other people are supported in the process. I know and some even have said “You know your life will get better if you come to our side.”

I have never been able to make those promises as I have already said my life is controlled.  If I don’t go where I am told and go elsewhere I am told I am not following the rules.  Where are these rules written I ask and I haven’t received an answer.

So I write what I know about and ask questions about what I don’t know about.  Most of the time this philosophy works if you completely understand the information.  Unfortunately sometimes I don’t understand fully and that gets me into major trouble as I should know what I am writing about. 

Then there are those times where a article is so layered that if you write about one of the layers with positivity though the other require a negative response.  This mixed messaging can be hard to understand and further turn into misunderstandings.  It is like the game of telephone that the message is so distorted from the original it has become false and baseless.

Don’t get me wrong there are tons of those who loathe Jennie Nawrocki but sometimes Jennie Nawrocki does make a valid statement and that is why some have listened and said Jennie Nawrocki isn’t pure evil. 

Those are normally the same people that can read an article about natural gas and don’t automatically think they are talking about gaslighting.  They are also the ones that see how something developing could become a superfund site or a titanic disaster. 


They know there are perspectives and experiences that people bring to their interactions with others.  They see the possibilities.  They prepare for all of them.  Does it stop them from moving forward, no it doesn’t.  It makes sure that in the future that quick solution of sweeping the dirt under the rug doesn’t really clean the house.

So I thank those who listened to me and said maybe we should factor in this idea of what Jennie Nawrocki said into our equation so our venture doesn’t turn into a Superfund Site. Imagine how much better America would be to live in if we didn’t have all these unlivable areas and we understood what the effects were before hand.

So I ask as you read do you see the young lady and the old lady? And how do you include this information into your decisions?

-Jennie Nawrocki

Smell The Ice Cream


We have a new president and I am so excited, I voted for the Biden-Harris team.

However much easier I am able to think we have a wonderful president in the White House now. It does ease most of my worries but as a worry wart I will always worry.

When I see things or events that freak me out thinking those Trumpites are wanting to ruin our democracy that Biden is now rebuilding, I am going to point it out and say there is something strange in the USA and it smells like poo and I know Biden and Harris didn’t put it there. So let’s make sure we clean up this unnecessary smell in our Biden democratic America. I doubt there will be many or any reason for me to freak out but if I smell poo it will scare me. I much prefer Biden’s ice cream shop of democracy goodness instead.

-Jennie Nawrocki

What Took So Long


As a woman I found it astounding to find that women were never valued as leaders, especially when one of the most successful leaders of Britain was a woman. What is even more astounding is that we left Britain for repression of liberty and freedom and in not being represented for what we the people are. So we separated from a country for representation and freedom but wouldn’t accept the equality or being led by women.

In addition, our southern state’s seceded because we thought slavery was inhumane. Lincoln a Republican said emancipate those who aren’t free they are as equal to us.

This Wednesday Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will become our President and Vice-President. It has taken a little less than 500 years since Queen Elizabeth I reign of England to have a female who ancestry is multi racial lead the United States of America.

What took so long?

500 years since a woman proved herself to be one of the best leaders in the world and we waited 500 years to elect a woman.

What took so long?

2000 years since the Old Testament said slavery was forbidden and inhumane and we elected a President who has the most diverse staff of any Presidency.

What took so long?

We need to accept we are equals regardless of our beliefs or backgrounds. The only belief we will keep is treat others like we would like to be treated. It may seem trite, it may seem oversaid but goodness gracious don’t disrespect others if you don’t want to be disrespected.

With a new administration we have a chance to change the unacceptable bad ways.

Don’t wait for equality live it.

-Jennie Nawrocki

Go Big At Home


It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day.

Start anew

We have elected a new president

We are getting rid of all sorts of systematic racism

We are taking precautions against sickness.

Something has to get better

Choose now what you want to improve

This is a necessity not just a news years resolution

It is like the changes we made because of the Civil War and World War II

We emancipated slaves

Woman were now workers

The depression had us budgeting our money differently.

We are repeating history

Stoping racism

Woman and minorities in major business and political roles

Budgeting because of Covid

We didn’t do it well enough the first time so we are doing it again.

I don’t know about you but this is a spring cleaning where no corner is left to make dust bunnies.

We are not going big OR go home.

We are going big AT home.

Be the better person you dreamed and do it now

Then you won’t have to eat those complaints inside you stressing you out.

-Jennie Nawrocki

Think We Need You


If the world was a complete horror more people would be depressed but it is not.

There are so many parts to love about this world. It is worth keeping and our lives on it are worth having days of calm, joy and safety.

Unfortunately we have a pandemic, riots in the streets, unbalanced economy and extreme weather.

This can be prevented.

First we have to stop thinking violence. Explain the bad are those hurting others.

Always de escalate, deflect or redirect, and defend.

The best offense is invisible.

Most importantly don’t think your opponent is unworthy think of them as future member of your team.

Think we need you.

Your team is no good if wounded so the less you wound your future team member the better.

Think we need you.

Believe me strategies change when you realize the other side is more important as an ally.

Think we need you.

Think we need you.

-Jennie Nawrocki



Being close to 50 years old and not having any children I still give and have given the knowledge I have to those students I taught and all my nieces and nephews. As always there have been more women in my family then men. Most of my nieces and nephews are out of college and starting their own careers. I could be a meany such as Cronos, Oedipus, King Arthur and Shaka Zulu as well as many other famous stories where their kingdoms were overthrown by their successors and in some ways mine has but in other ways I still can ease the transition or what is left of it.

If I haven’t said I was proud of them for doing better then me now I will and I will also say my last suggestions that they may want listen to even if it is from their crazy Aunt Jennie.

My nephew went to University of Mass at Amherst where I was accepted but had to decline and went to the University of Washington instead.

My niece received a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry my worst subject.

My other niece heals the minds of those in need and coming from a family with a history of depression is very good and models healthy habits as a result.

My sister and her daughter work together without bickering as my mom and I never could.

My other nephews are following my brothers path.

And other niece has surpassed her depression early and moved on to leading those around her.

So much to be proud of as a Aunt.

Here is my advice if you so choose to take it to further your ascension into a life better than mine. To be honest you might know this already but that is why I am crazy telling you information you already know.

Find love but most important know what makes you excel inside and out and harvest those talents, skills and behaviors.

Listen. Know the motivation. Process all possibilities. Proceed morally and ethically correct. There is always knowledge to gain.

If you loved camping and drinking straight from those glacier fed waterways. Save our environment. Mother Earth needs your help and support.

Speak to stop injustices or inequalities. Though be effective and respectful in your approach without cruelty. It creates friendship and stronger relationships afterwards.

Exercise, brush your teeth and eat your fruits and vegetables silly.

Last but not least.

Just as I accomplished every Thanksgiving I hosted keep the good traditions and the mood comfortable with lots of laughter they might want to return next year. For I always said the more the merrier and you are always welcome.

I might have more but that is all I can think of at the moment.

So excel you excel in more ways I could ever imagine.

-Jennie Nawrocki

September the True New Year


A new beginning is usually said after the holidays on New Years Day but seriously how much changes from December to January except we put our holiday decorations away which really began in October anyway. Sometimes I really do think we need to rethink our calendars.

I think I once read that they were thinking of making all holidays land on a Friday not only would that helpful for business and schools it helps with planning but it creates routine. Don’t get me wrong I like routine just like everyone else but I also like it when events are out of the ordinary too. Some would say my abnormal is normal. Though I am not here to talk about one routine that I think we have all adjusted to and it’s not don’t wear white after Labor Day well maybe kinda.

I think the true New Year is September specifically Labor Day weekend or Labor Day itself. Think about it what happens or should I say begins the first week in September? So much that is! How many events start in September or that first week.

School for one. What comes into your life but new teachers, books, friends and after school activities. Think about it most of us are either in school or our children attend schools. The back to school activities change our lives our routines so much but in January we return after a few weeks off nothing different than before the holidays except to wait til summer when real change begins again.

What else starts in September but of course tv series and sitcoms. They usually last from September to the beginning of May. I realize some of that has changed but seriously most tv shows new seasons or years premiere in September. Even Ellen and The View are touting how many years they have been on air and each new year for them starts when, September that’s right September.

Even Congress and the Supreme Court begin passing legislation and decisions in September after a summer recess. That is right we still use words like recess for adults getting time off from working so hard. Ironically though the bills they do pass generally don’t take effect until January First so I will give you that but compared to school beginning, having to mandate showing the allergy ingredients warnings on menus like calories in fast food restaurants isn’t a huge change like having to go to football practice everyday with your daughter. So yeah even politicians begin debating again in September.

What else initiates in September well award season that’s what. The MTV Video Music Awards and the Emmys are culmination of the years previous work given out in you guessed it September or is few days before. Yes all those awards begin just as fall shows its colors.

So much changes on or around Labor Day that I think we all need to accept that September isn’t to be disregarded as the month that has its only holiday as a day off from work but as the beginning or New Year just as those who are Jewish have known all along when they celebrate their religious New Year Rosh Hashanah every year in September. So maybe we should all realize it is time to say Happy New Year in September.

-Jennie Nawrocki

The wearing of white after Labor Day is all a personal choice but the Labor Day marker of a new beginning for starting to wear long sleeves and long pants to stay warm isn’t.