Monthly Archives: October 2022



This time of year the spooks and howls take over.

Scary mazes and haunted houses abound

Tales of horror fill the ears

Parties are abundant with masks

Black cats kept home out of fear

Hospital’s mayhem

Police overworked

Candy everywhere

Whether you live in Salem

Or watch from another country

Know sometimes the greatest fear

Is only a nightmare.

-Jennie Nawrocki

How To Find Your Career


When it is an easy yes

When thinking occurred?

It was that fast

Maybe even muscle memory

Rote reaction

Natural intuition

Does it hurt someone?


Do I like it?


Does it hurt me negatively?


Then clear that path

Make it your career

If it isn’t already

– Jennie Nawrocki



The first year alone

Was hopeful

As was the second

Then the third was

Hospitals and crying

Next six was just

Crying with hope smashed

Again and again

Until crying was no more

The next years of being alone

Listening to yelling

Hurting and internal crying

And life leaving me behind

I know.

-Jennie Nawrocki