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You know what surprises me?

The fact that we are related.

Yes just looking at all the connections

15th and 16th cousins we could be

but yet we are so different

But why?

We have similar DNA

we are family

So why the hell do we fight?

Power, prestige, money

Fame, social status, what?

We must stop arguing

It’s beyond silly

It’s becoming disastrous.

I may never be what you wanted

Or lived up to your potential

But I ain’t in your way

So why the chase?

-Jennie Nawrocki

Together Again


As we celebrate Thanksgiving

People as what are you grateful for?

Well I am grateful for the few people I do talk to.

And know spending time with them is important.

But beyond gratefulness.

This is the first year many are visiting their families again.

That in itself is special.

Enjoy being together again.

It is your right.

-Jennie Nawrocki

Close But No Cigar


Assuming that someone who wrote that was given a non Cuban cigar. We spend our lives going for goals getting getting things done and finishing every task. When reality sets in you don’t always get what you wanted. Either the best quality was too expensive or wrong for you somehow. In relationships some call it settling others just say no one is perfect. (Statistically how many perfect humans are out there?) However one who looks at the glass half full says this person is just right for me, regardless of their flaws. It truly is what you are willing to accept. Everyone has placed an importance on some part of their life, saying I will not accept anything other than Cuban but other items they say this will work. What do you accept as the best Cigar in life and relationships? Do you snub your nose at others because they don’t value the same as you? Life is about accepting but unfortunately humans don’t realize the majority isn’t the best even though they do their best. So remember to accept someone at their best because they are being their best in every way possible. So be your best you are going to be loved.

-Jennie Nawrocki

It’s Over?


Yes, the voice keeps saying that in my head.

But regardless if it is or isn’t you still have a choice.

Yes, you still have a choice.


Vote for the one that is professional.

Vote for the one that voted to keep safety.

Yes, that means no guns.

You aren’t safe if all of sudden or within the past years you feel you need to pack protection.

You aren’t safe if you may need to go to a different country because you have an etopic pregnancy.

You aren’t safe if you can’t say what you want. Offending someone with respectful honesty is one thing offending them with hate is another.

You aren’t safe if you have to hide your religion or sexual orientation or stay with your own race.

You aren’t financially safe if they take away Medicare and social security

Vote because you believe in the person not for their name.


-Jennie Nawrocki