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Caring about somebody or something is quite amazing.  I say this because most of us think the act of caring is voluntary when it should be involuntary basically second nature, like a heart beat necessary for living or the survival of community.  Though I continue to hear it is not my problem or job, so what they deserve it. Seriously, really what are you thinking?

Then I remember the stories to stop giving money to the homeless because they only use it for drugs rather than a home with food. We stopped helping people on the side of the road because of serial killers like Ted Bundy.  We stopped supporting coworkers to get a higher position or a bigger paycheck. We stopped recycling because someone threw their trash in the recycling bin.  This allowed people to stop caring because they had felt they were lied to, manipulated, taken advantage of or everything inbetween.  Some of these problems are easy to remedy such as recycling but others not so much and for these reasons caring became voluntary.  We had to have the mentality it is either me or them,  we have basically entertained the fight or flight response, survival mode all the time.  When you are in this mode for some people the ability to care drops dramatically.  Which turns my insides because it is against everything I was ever taught. I was taught to make others feel special, give successes and in return success will be returned. The old saying “kindness begets kindness” comes to mind which is the same as do unto others as you would do unto you.  Well What happened? Must we live scared of trusting people or too busy to make sure someone doesn’t go to their next meeting with mayonnaise on their cheek.  Take that moment and really go beyond the small talk to really care, you won’t regret the results of caring, you never know someone might care for you when you least expect it or need it entirely, just ask the lion who saved the mouse.

-Jennie Nawrocki 



Smells sweet cinnamon 

Hearing bacon wiggling 

Bring the want

Of a big breakfast morning

Appetite’a gaining

Just a little taste

It will be 10 more minutes 

Now the hasbrowns too

Throw in an egg or three

Toast popping ready

For dripping butter and jam

When held for each bite

The orange juice

Smooth and sweet

Coffee,  coco or tea

All available 

Even some fruit 

To munch upon

Maybe a pancake or two

Make it fancy 

With some crepes

All topped with whipped cream

the waffle machine 

Is smokin hot

Ready for more batter

Don’t forget 

The banana bread 

Donuts and muffins 

We are all making room 

With that extra

Gulp of milk

For breakfast is

Now ready

-Jennie Nawrocki 

It Is Not A Hobby But Our Job


People ask me what are my hobbies? What do I do for fun?  Well  to be honest regardless of what I am doing and I am not sure whether you would call it fun but it is something very necessary. I would consider myself a person for civil rights.  That’s right basic civility or is it chivalry however you may term it.  If you remember it is those common courtesy things that people may forget about but I remind them of when needed.  Maybe I could be considered a nag but for some reason I think it is necessary and something we don’t forget.  For example, why shouldn’t we leave a place cleaner than the way we found it,  hold open the door for the person behind you, make sure ramps and elevators are retrofitted or for that matter continually make sure everyone is treated fairly.  It is what made America and several other cultures thrive.  Everyone has ability to continue to respect others, we set aside time for it because it is something you just do.

-Jennie Nawrocki 



To my readers that think I have any words of wisdom, empathy or even a little laughter it is obvious I have been slacking in my content of thoughts.  For this I apologize.  As you may have read lots of things are occurring in my life right now.  Some saying something, others trying to get me to follow something else,  others who could careless and those who might actually are listening for information.  All this about do this, do that has ruined my mood.  My revelations are crowded from opinion and interactions.  Heck, I don’t even know what to make of politics anymore because that seems to change everyday too.  So what do I do, struggle to find a topic that will be important or revelant for more than a day.  It is not that I don’t care I do but goodness gracious the things I have seen leave my mind boggled and so should yours by now.  Well maybe if you have made up your mind than I thank you for understanding my side also and if not well I am sorry I disappointed you.  Really I am not sure how to proceed except find some sort of balance on my spot of the bell curve of social media and friendship in general. 

– Jennie Nawrocki