Smells sweet cinnamon 

Hearing bacon wiggling 

Bring the want

Of a big breakfast morning

Appetite’a gaining

Just a little taste

It will be 10 more minutes 

Now the hasbrowns too

Throw in an egg or three

Toast popping ready

For dripping butter and jam

When held for each bite

The orange juice

Smooth and sweet

Coffee,  coco or tea

All available 

Even some fruit 

To munch upon

Maybe a pancake or two

Make it fancy 

With some crepes

All topped with whipped cream

the waffle machine 

Is smokin hot

Ready for more batter

Don’t forget 

The banana bread 

Donuts and muffins 

We are all making room 

With that extra

Gulp of milk

For breakfast is

Now ready

-Jennie Nawrocki 

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