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Winter Wonderland


It came

From above

So small

Some large

But each unique

So light

But yet

Once melted

On the warmth

Of the skin

That water weighs

Crunch is

The sound

Of it

Collected underfoot

But there was

No sound

As it fell

Watch for it

When it turns

To ice

As that crunch

Is lost and it is

Smooth and slippery

But yet again

Its blanket

Of whiteness

In its

Purest form

Will transform



A winter wonderland

Undeniably beautiful

-Jennie Nawrocki



Opposites with opposition

Oh the battles

Who’s philosophy is right?

So different but so alike

Devoted Buddhist

Devoted Evangelical

Devoted Judeo Christian

Though we love our mom

And very adventurous and creative

We became

Body types too

Short versus tall

Toothpick versus curved

Cover everything

Or show everything

So alike but so different

How do we ever get along

Bike rides and hikes

Beach going bbqs

Spa days

And movies and plays

But that news

We only discuss

With agreements

On opposite days


We love each other


-Jennie Nawrocki



We have to be on the same page

You hate when I say I love you and you don’t love me

And I hate it when you say I love you and I don’t love you

•saying romantic love only•

Yet I get fooled into thinking a guy loves me but really doesn’t. So many 💔😭 that trust is an issue now.

Then some past man who I have said doesn’t have my permission to be my boyfriend, fiancé or husband and never calls or writes directly says he loves me and wants to be with me. Huh!

Double standard hypocrites.

Respect my no to Nick Kappes.

Understand my 🤬 towards Nick Kappes is the same as your 🤬 of me having loved Darren King.

I realize you don’t care about me but you certainly did care when I said I loved Paul Meany and wanted him to be my husband.

Ridiculous! No! Because I was fooled into believing it and my brother even betted on me going crazy for finding out I wasn’t the one getting married.

It has to 🛑!

I won’t tell you who to date or love and you don’t tell me who to date or love. Or build me up to love someone who will break my heart💔.

Maybe if the fooling, revenge acts and F Yous given to Jennie Nawrocki we wouldn’t be in this mess of loving someone who doesn’t reciprocate that love.

Truce? deal?

From now on no implied thoughts or actions that Nick Kappes wants Jennie Nawrocki romantic love.

and Jennie Nawrocki will find another guy if any that will love Jennie Nawrocki romantically and Jennie Nawrocki returns that and you will leave him alone.

Yes this is an inappropriate place to write this but YOU WONT DIRECT MESSAGE OR TALK TO ME.

this is my diplomatic response instead of YELLING I SAID NO NICK KAPPES every so often.

-Jennie Nawrocki



My sister gave me this as a Christmas present. Many say I am too pessimistic but I say I tell it as those tell me.

Others say you control your life you make your own choices or follow Gods plan, God knows your true path. All I know is that when I keep hearing something bad is going to happen to Jennie Nawrocki by a certain date and it does my life is not my choice. I remember the first time I heard my brother “maybe we should take your computer away” a little more than a year later I had to sell my computer and haven’t owned one since and today a breeder descendant of that same brother said “if it wasn’t for my sister I would take her out.” So far all my social media today has covered that sister. If that isn’t clear enough, how bout this: hearing someone say no more Christmas movies for you and soon I lost my cable, in December.

Neither one of those scenarios was Jennie Nawrocki’s choice.

Jennie Nawrocki loves Christmas and still does. My Christmas tree 🎄 lights are the only light in the room as Jennie Nawrocki writes this.

I watch romantic movies and comedies for one reason most of the time they have good endings. So today, I am going to say I am grateful for happy endings. There are positive and I like them so yes Jennie Nawrocki watches them to stay positive and remind herself that some times lives including Jennie Nawrocki’s life can be well.

Especially when someone takes your cable.

So Jennie Nawrocki stopped journaling and talking about the joys in Jennie Nawrocki’s world because she knew the second a good event occurred in Jennie Nawrocki’s life it turned bad. So for all those who say Jennie Nawrocki makes Jennie Nawrocki’s own choices and Jennie Nawrocki’s life isn’t controlled. Jennie Nawrocki is going to do an experiment. Jennie Nawrocki is going to complete the daily grateful activities in this Grateful calendar 📆 and will note each time a good event or gratitude turns bad and is permanently negative now since Jennie Nawrocki wrote she was grateful for someone’s support or world event such as good movie endings.

We will see who controls Jennie Nawrocki.

-Jennie Nawrocki

It took a little less than six months for someone to find all the things I would be grateful for and take them away.