We have to be on the same page

You hate when I say I love you and you don’t love me

And I hate it when you say I love you and I don’t love you

•saying romantic love only•

Yet I get fooled into thinking a guy loves me but really doesn’t. So many 💔😭 that trust is an issue now.

Then some past man who I have said doesn’t have my permission to be my boyfriend, fiancé or husband and never calls or writes directly says he loves me and wants to be with me. Huh!

Double standard hypocrites.

Respect my no to Nick Kappes.

Understand my 🤬 towards Nick Kappes is the same as your 🤬 of me having loved Darren King.

I realize you don’t care about me but you certainly did care when I said I loved Paul Meany and wanted him to be my husband.

Ridiculous! No! Because I was fooled into believing it and my brother even betted on me going crazy for finding out I wasn’t the one getting married.

It has to 🛑!

I won’t tell you who to date or love and you don’t tell me who to date or love. Or build me up to love someone who will break my heart💔.

Maybe if the fooling, revenge acts and F Yous given to Jennie Nawrocki we wouldn’t be in this mess of loving someone who doesn’t reciprocate that love.

Truce? deal?

From now on no implied thoughts or actions that Nick Kappes wants Jennie Nawrocki romantic love.

and Jennie Nawrocki will find another guy if any that will love Jennie Nawrocki romantically and Jennie Nawrocki returns that and you will leave him alone.

Yes this is an inappropriate place to write this but YOU WONT DIRECT MESSAGE OR TALK TO ME.

this is my diplomatic response instead of YELLING I SAID NO NICK KAPPES every so often.

-Jennie Nawrocki

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