Monthly Archives: November 2014



In its original form

the figurine

powerful in sight

for its spectacular

formation gleams

amongst the waters

surface nearby

reflected imagery

gives illusions

that it is bigger

grander, more elusive

than the original

structure itself

-Jennie Nawrocki



words fumble

their intended

audience listens

maintaining opaque

outward personas

conversations have

morphed into

extremely focused

without any reciprocal

emotional interaction

just the need

to know, to convince

how things should be

or prying for information

though when themselves

people begin

accepting each other

-Jennie Nawrocki



everything you want

it is all given to you

you never have any needs

your worries are only

which one, not may I have it

there is no such person

everyone at some point

throughout their lives

has been given

something not less

than desirable

whether a disability

Illness, or even

circumstances of situations

knowing that this will be

how it is

from here on out

you decide to adapt

-Jennie Nawrocki



caving into emotions

that you power within

you, yourself, your mind

brings reactions

to encounters

foreign and familiar

they all insight

feelings completely

divine and frightening

ecstatic and enjoyable

whether simultaneous

or separate

they drive our function

choice of words

giving us the ability

to know appropriate

levels of

maintaining positives

giving yourself

moderate self-confidence

to continue

each moment

of everyday

-Jennie Nawrocki



it is thought

or an actual debate

though really

completely different

concepts though

many people

fight over

probable discrepancies

or who is right

between several

long standing

perceptions, philosophies

or just personal beliefs

whether or not

the chicken or the egg is first

coke vs pepsi

my city or your city

baths or showers

fabric softener or not

two or one sugars

either way

whatever you believe

different as we maybe

you are still loved

-jennie nawrocki



avenue, street, road

boulevard, lane

are all paths we travel

paved or non they

take us where we

would like to be

go anywhere that it leads

for the tributaries

connect cities

countries, communities

though most of

our neighborhoods

whether you know

the length of your trip

or wanting to travel

find the road

that is right for you

-Jennie Nawrocki



there is nothing

that fulfills

a community

than that of

several people

different in

so many ways

as their varied

backgrounds and

friendly personalities

gather in

a central place

to intermix

or relax

in a common area

they all make

the day, the space

more enjoyable

than ever before

-Jennie Nawrocki