Monthly Archives: September 2022

New Adventures



Exciting anticipation

Will it go bad?

Will it go well?

How’s my attitude?

How’s their attitude?

Goals should align

Or at least not conflict

It’s big time

After pandemic slowdown

Pace yourself

Everything in moderation

But if you have the opportunity

Take it


And excuses

Aren’t allowed

Be ready

Be quick

Be efficient

Be respectful

Don’t forget

To be thankful

-Jennie Nawrocki

Thank You!


Thank you for recognition

Thank you for quotes

Thank you for meets

Thank you for the greets

Thank you for the head nods

Thank you for the feye contact

Thank you for the sign language

Thank you for the colors

Thank you for my family

Thank you friends staying so long

Thank you for the travel

Thank you for the food

Thank you for believing in me

Thank you for the movies, shows, songs and words.

Thank you for listening

Thank you for reading

Thank you for everything

-Jennie Nawrocki



Years I have been writing posts and years others have said when are you going to write about something other then sadness and grief? When are you going to believe you are in control of your own destiny?

Still here nothing has changed still the same person, same problems, and same lifestyle.

I am so far in quicksand or Guantanamo Bay that I don’t know what I could grab onto to get out. What do I do?

Said my affirmations, said my prayers, talked with my family, friends and nothing is budging.

Move Jennie Move but no real estate person will return my inquiries, no new job offers unless they are controlled by the previous job.

I can’t move, but move, then stop following me every where I go. I know I certainly don’t follow you. Give me my freedom. I deserve freedom. Jennie Nawrocki deserves freedom.

-Jennie Nawrocki