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I have issues with money, maybe because I really never had any so this might be a little biased but some reason patterns have been seen and  experienced by not just me.  It is not me to say and I have completely noticed that the one thing that people with lots of money have and that people who don’t have money have that people who don’t have money have also is the drive to provide. They both want a home with plenty of food to eat at the very minimum. That is why we go to school and work. Everybody wants to gain a good life.  However this is where the difference begins and my distaste of pious greed begins.  A rich person never really has to has to see poverty and the conditions in which they live.  They are driven around from door to door rather than walk, they delegate tasks such as getting food to delivery persons and if they have servants they never even meet them.  So basically they could go throughout their day never interacting with somebody who makes a minimum wage or even seeing a homeless person on the street.  Now don’t get me wrong there are lots of rich people who go out of their way to visit even revisit to make sure that their efforts towards improving someone less fortunate than them.  Several charities are based on this concept, videos shown of people actually experiencing and seeing the devestation themselves. These philanthropists often have foundations and go on several trips to ensure their money is improving lives.  However though those millionaires and billionaires are few,  Bill Gates is an excellent example, he focuses on his foundation full time from what I understand.  I found people like him to be role models and admire him for their knowledge of the problems people around the world face.  What I don’t like are those who use their money to want to own the world or to keep their ignorance of what others are living amongst. These are not struggles most Americans go through because most Americans are not rich.  When I came to New York City I was looking for apartments and saw one for rent before the manager showed me the identical floor plan of an apartment he had to talk with the person across the hall and while waiting outside I could see approximately 10-15 people inside.  When he came out I asked if they were having a party and he said no that is how many people live there.  I always wondered how people earning a minimum wage in New York live within the 5 bouroughs and that is the reason.  Now I understand there always must be a garbage person because we all make trash.  Just like there will always be a need for a dishwasher at home or in a restaurant.  Along with that there is also a need to have an owner of a company. However this is where the similarities come, neither person steps or forces the other to live in pain or live in squaller.  Each person regardless of their career should be able to have health care, healthy meal, decent wardrobe and a home that isn’t falling apart.  If you are rich and agree with me, than I admire you and always will.

-Jennie Nawrocki 

Motivation Under Turmoil 


All year 

Is a surprise 

For any expectations

Are crushed 

With intensity 

So each day

The outcome 

In your favor

Is something 

Coming from

The ability to 

Maintain focus

Gather support 

And pure positivity 

Along with

Checking for

Bumbles throughout 

Time till

Achievement gained

-Jennie Nawrocki 

What We Want


happiness lived

seems forced 

when out of your element 

for we search to

actually gravitate 

towards things

that center 

ourselves into

senses eased

or exhilarated

without any

thought except

it feels right

-Jennie Nawrocki