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As you know Penaugural has been filed as an official non profit with the state of New York in September well now we also have a twitter account. That is right you can read out emils at

It is so exciting and this week also you should see some changes to the website to have it be more of a company rather than just poetry.

At Penaugural people can do what I have always done share their poetry. Though in addition they can also perform, draw and sculpt anything they would like for Penaugural is a place for artists to succeed.

So tell who you know and we will do the same maybe even sells few items too.

-Jennie Nawrocki

Holiday Spirit


They say there is something special about the holidays. A giddy cheerfulness that isn’t seen all year, that holiday spirit.

Why does it stop?

We have a day off work?

We stop our diets?

We see more family?

We get presents?

We relax?

We party?

We have more time for hobbies?

We see holiday movies?

What is it?

Find out and keep that holiday spirit with you year round.

Happy Holidays!

-Jennie Nawrocki

Stay Strong


Home for the holidays

Would be good

Memories unbound

Previous recounted

And more made

But wait

There’s a pandemic

Stay safe

Big dinners postponed

For gatherings will occur

When vaccinated

Won’t that be so nice

To get together again

We are almost there

Stay strong

Missing you also

Stress free family fun

Those are the days

To live for

-Jennie Nawrocki