Monthly Archives: April 2015



this and that

all mixed up

lines crossed

unsure of

their origin

following them

brings confusion 

tangled emotions

from encouragement 

in the wrong direction 

or jumped

to another

line not intended 

as the course

of travel

when finished 

you would

hope that

what made 

each other

friends remains

and remember 

their were

excellent memories 

and each

person is important 

and missed for

their reciprocal 

moments of consideration 

-Jennie Nawrocki 

A Good Story


it’s been awhile 

when someone 

hasn’t spoken

words of familiarity 

in those stories 

pieced or retold

in order for the

original storyteller 

to open their

shelves of memories 

finding that

recount of which

brought so much

laughter and comfort

that people 

want to hear again

– Jennie Nawrocki 

Love Is There


love is there

always will

make relationships

have structure 

to support

things when

aren’t clear 

completely confusing 

or astonishing 

I expected…..

then realizing 

to some extent 

these things

are all amongst 

what make friends 

last forever 

-Jennie Nawrocki 

You Read My Mind ?


hiding is impossible 

for internal thoughts

always there

reminding many

an engaged mind

continues to propel

occurrences of others

completely unintended

though coordinated

behind the scenes

without knowledge 

so that some

still remain

always mysterious

-Jennie Nawrocki 

The Lead


tight in their friendship 

doubles their like ability 

for neither is relentless 

in their honesty of approach

they have their understanding 

being forthright and honest

in positions that some

see as very critical 

though they just tell 

the history, the present

or what maybe will be

-Jennie Nawrocki 



crazy completely crazy 

however the word is termed

doesn’t define 

someone who

takes chances on things

out of the ordinary 

for inventions made

science discovered 

perhaps possibly 

came from people 

deemed crazy

-Jennie Nawrocki