It Is Not A Hobby But Our Job


People ask me what are my hobbies? What do I do for fun?  Well  to be honest regardless of what I am doing and I am not sure whether you would call it fun but it is something very necessary. I would consider myself a person for civil rights.  That’s right basic civility or is it chivalry however you may term it.  If you remember it is those common courtesy things that people may forget about but I remind them of when needed.  Maybe I could be considered a nag but for some reason I think it is necessary and something we don’t forget.  For example, why shouldn’t we leave a place cleaner than the way we found it,  hold open the door for the person behind you, make sure ramps and elevators are retrofitted or for that matter continually make sure everyone is treated fairly.  It is what made America and several other cultures thrive.  Everyone has ability to continue to respect others, we set aside time for it because it is something you just do.

-Jennie Nawrocki 

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