My Life


I read, see, and hear so much information some of it is repeat and some of it new.  I have worked so hard to stay true and never cheat, in order to have my goals met. In that respect I really loved and love people, I can’t help it.  I love human beings, animals, plants even dirt and air.  There is no surprise that love comes in many different forms. I even love people I never met, if that is possible.  Even when angry, I rethink until I find a way to love again.  However most people who loved me have left me and I am told shouldn’t think any different, for I deserve the lonely life I live.  Somehow I didn’t respect the right people when I should have ( we disagreed on issues). Here is where it leaves me forever to feel alone. Though I will say I didn’t lie when I said I loved you.

– Jennie Nawrocki 

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