From Fantasy to Reality


the fantasy of love is
rainbows wrapped in cotton candy
finding magical unicorns
romance in moonbeams
a dozen red roses ten times over
knights in shiny armor
buggy rides through the city lights
running amongst wildflowers
strolls to the beach
your dreamy happy ending
all are fireworks to explode

uncovering the realities of love is
picking up laundry soap after a long day
listening to the same story over and over again
being with someone when they don’t want to talk
cooking a dish you despise because they like it
playing cards with someone who isn’t in for the win
making a person laugh that is angry, sad, or happy
knowing when to let go
painting a wall again because it was a shade off
waiting at the DMV together
sews together the hidden truth of relationships

-Jennie Nawrocki

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