it had no intention
just expressions of emotions
gratitude, compassion
a venting of sad, mad and glad

there wasn’t an audience
only thoughts transcribed
absent of any expectations
or knowledge of the future

never meeting beyond a look
hearing only stories
superficial of soul
soon to be opened unconsciously

underneath layers provide meaning
emotions suppressed by daily actions
feelings have greater substance
interactions begin to blossom with understanding

no longer are there separate entities
just unexplained coincidences
occurrences begin with purpose
a depth of personal reflection revealed

changing insight with the life of today
wondering is this the direction of the future
unclear of everything transpiring around
writing turns explosive through external transitions

What is real? What is fantasy?
the reader begins deciding the fate
everyone begins to get involved
this is how it should turn out

it has already been published
just a rearrangement of words
thoughts are recycled by the masses
for the benefit of the individual reader

shut out the white noise, conflicting agendas
find ways to survive on learned loses and new insights
encounters no longer shows of fiction
rather truth begins to break character

the impact becomes personal
without an underlying facade
we are now able to base our thoughts, our actions
on a surface that isn’t hard as a rock.

-Jennie Nawrocki

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