One Opinion Of Respect


Very complicated

On how 

Things got so convoluted

Into the craziness

Experienced by

Everyone participating

But yet

Not given the same respect

Respect is earned

Though some people

Think it is a given

Regardless of how

They treated you

Behind your back

Or even right

In front of you

You want me to like you

Treat the janitor 

And the president the same.

-Jennie Nawrocki

What happened?


Side by side

They have been 

With different goals

All along

One wanted friends 

The other wanted

Lifetime followers

Both were religious 

To the spiritual

Entity they believed

Women’s and minority’s Rights

Everybody’s necessity

Both wanted recognition 

For their accomplishments

To make the world

Safer, streamlined 

And loving

Only one

Was successful 

Though the goals

Didn’t seem

That much different

-Jennie Nawrocki

Relationship Goals


I have been watching old seasons of shows recently and they have me thinking.  I know some say bad others say good your choice to decide.

On one episode I saw this person go out of their way to get to know someone to be their friend. All I could think why couldn’t more people do that.  Then I saw the other side of the story where someone continues to say anything you want, have you on their good side until they just dump you. In the past 11 years I have mostly encountered the later.  So much so when meeting anyone new I ask, Where’s the poop? And have received it so many ways, it is really ingenious how it comes about on a daily basis. Now I don’t ask where’s the poop because I know it is coming.  I simply ask are you really going to be nice to me longer than a moon cycle or a commet?  Be a friend.

-Jennie Nawrocki 

Too much?


Is it way too much

To give or spread love?

But how can that be

To feel loved 

Only empowers people 

Gives confidence 

And security 

That is never achieved 

Unless that hug

That smile

That compliment 

Is received wholly.

-Jennie Nawrocki 

A Way


I get frustrated, sad, angry and depressed.  I have to its my job.  In the words of Queen ‘Under Pressure’  that is my life.  I would ask for peace and I was given grief.  I would say here and they would say there.  I took all the options I had and slowly they were taken from me.  People say why don’t you do anything about your life? Well if something did go right soon it was taken away.  I have been continually told “no” so I started shouting “no” in response and if I protest then, I am told I have a bad attitude.  I lost everything family, friends, career, thoughts and ability to live freely.  Shouting yes was inappropriate but when you have been slapped in the face after being told you can’t have anymore trauma to the eye, refused proper medical care and all I did was shout “no” I think under the circumstances I composed myself well. There is a way to protest, a way to argue with keeping the dignity and respect of all involved.  Find it. Live it. Breathe it.

-Jennie Nawrocki 

The Goal


The Emmys are on tonight and every year I always say that it was a privilege to be able to see your talent.  I also say that regardless of whether or not you won you deserve the accolades for your abilities to portray so many different people.  That is still true.

However the joyfulness of the Emmys is tainted this year by the events occurring around the world.  There are protests and military actions along with worldwide flooding due to hurricanes and other extreme weather phenomenons.  Some people say this is regular others say it is apart of global warming.  No matter what you understand or believe it to be. The world is in turmoil.

What can we do? Support your neighbor, mend fences and heart and above all, remember how would you feel in the same situation.  Conquering may get you fame but I don’t think Ivan the Terrible wanted the reputation he ended up carrying as history repeats his atrocities.  So think back to the mistakes of the past and with all your efforts don’t repeat them. Be love, envision harmony, care for yourself, family, friends and even strangers along with everyone in between and world peace can be obtained.

-Jennie Nawrocki