Frozen in time

No way back

No way forward

Need to thaw

Need to break free

Need to be me

Someone valued

Someone loved

Someone respected

Someone who gives

And is grateful

Let me go

Let me be free

-Jennie Nawrocki

The Shoes


Amber went to the store and got herself some new shoes. They were just what she wanted a cross between a heel and a sneaker. She loves the sleek look of heels, her big kankles never showed where the leg ended and her foot began even though she was just over a buck in weight. Her childhood dance teacher even said she danced like an elephant in her mind her teacher said she couldn’t dance like s***. Either way she wanted shoes that were sturdy but not clunky and there they were. A beautiful pair of Sketchers that shaped like ballet flats but with sneaker jean material and a rubber bottom you could even allow you to run a marathon. They were also grey to match most outfits. The best shoe ever. It also didn’t matter her three cats would rub their scent all over them making sure their momma was protected outside by their smell. Oh such lovely shoes but where would she go first? The movies, parents house, or for a long walk? She didn’t know but these shoes were golden and they would be worn until falling apart and then she would hope she could buy the same shoes again because she liked them with or without socks now that was the next question? Socks for now it was still winter but summer time, who knows or maybe a good flip flop would be the alternative? However tonight she would wear them proudly and stylishly.

She put on a newer pair of jeans just ending above the ankle, faded just right, a t-shirt and zip hoodie and the hideaway socks. Yes people could see how slender her ankles really have been. She had been hiding them in boots all winter long but tonight wasn’t too cold so she show those ballet sneakers. She gets to the restaurant after not one pinch or blister beginning just comfort the entire way. Still beaming at this new purchase she walks in and waves to her friends already seated walking so they could see. To no avail they were raptured in conversation Lenora was going to be in a movie!

-Jennie Nawrocki



To be loved

Is a gift

Of reciprocity

By earning respect

Both helping

Both supporting


Or physically

Without consciousness

Could be leader

Giving confidence

Strength by modeling

With speech and demeanor

Or with consciousness

a call, a visit, a note

Building smiles, laughter

And especially safety

Of your space, your boundaries

never being crossed

Without your permission

That is love

That is trust

That is respect

You gave

And received


-Jennie Nawrocki



To understand

Means less

Than you thought

For true understanding

Comes with generalizing

Skills taught

Teachers teach

Because they know

The subject

And are able to apply

The subject

So the understanding

Is learning never stops

For there is always

More to understand

-Jennie Nawrocki



Round and round


Is is tedious

And mundane

Or is it attitude


Every once

And awhile

Difference occurs

Is it enough

Change what is

In your control

Rather big or small

Then your life

Will be as


As desired

-Jennie Nawrocki

Winter Wonderland


It came

From above

So small

Some large

But each unique

So light

But yet

Once melted

On the warmth

Of the skin

That water weighs

Crunch is

The sound

Of it

Collected underfoot

But there was

No sound

As it fell

Watch for it

When it turns

To ice

As that crunch

Is lost and it is

Smooth and slippery

But yet again

Its blanket

Of whiteness

In its

Purest form

Will transform



A winter wonderland

Undeniably beautiful

-Jennie Nawrocki



Opposites with opposition

Oh the battles

Who’s philosophy is right?

So different but so alike

Devoted Buddhist

Devoted Evangelical

Devoted Judeo Christian

Though we love our mom

And very adventurous and creative

We became

Body types too

Short versus tall

Toothpick versus curved

Cover everything

Or show everything

So alike but so different

How do we ever get along

Bike rides and hikes

Beach going bbqs

Spa days

And movies and plays

But that news

We only discuss

With agreements

On opposite days


We love each other


-Jennie Nawrocki



We have to be on the same page

You hate when I say I love you and you don’t love me

And I hate it when you say I love you and I don’t love you

•saying romantic love only•

Yet I get fooled into thinking a guy loves me but really doesn’t. So many 💔😭 that trust is an issue now.

Then some past man who I have said doesn’t have my permission to be my boyfriend, fiancé or husband and never calls or writes directly says he loves me and wants to be with me. Huh!

Double standard hypocrites.

Respect my no to Nick Kappes.

Understand my 🤬 towards Nick Kappes is the same as your 🤬 of me having loved Darren King.

I realize you don’t care about me but you certainly did care when I said I loved Paul Meany and wanted him to be my husband.

Ridiculous! No! Because I was fooled into believing it and my brother even betted on me going crazy for finding out I wasn’t the one getting married.

It has to 🛑!

I won’t tell you who to date or love and you don’t tell me who to date or love. Or build me up to love someone who will break my heart💔.

Maybe if the fooling, revenge acts and F Yous given to Jennie Nawrocki we wouldn’t be in this mess of loving someone who doesn’t reciprocate that love.

Truce? deal?

From now on no implied thoughts or actions that Nick Kappes wants Jennie Nawrocki romantic love.

and Jennie Nawrocki will find another guy if any that will love Jennie Nawrocki romantically and Jennie Nawrocki returns that and you will leave him alone.

Yes this is an inappropriate place to write this but YOU WONT DIRECT MESSAGE OR TALK TO ME.

this is my diplomatic response instead of YELLING I SAID NO NICK KAPPES every so often.

-Jennie Nawrocki