Warming Hearts


The days of winter

Have warmed

Into summer

Allowing the heart

To bring energy

Into sport

And hobbies

For now we plant

The seeds that

We will eat next winter

But those days of warmth

Out side bbq’s

And late nights

Under the stars and moon

Make it seems like

Mother Nature

Gave us a blanket

Of comfort

Without the chills

Shivering our teeth

Just months ago

Hear the cricket lullaby

Bringing the morning sun

For the day has just begun

To bring families all as one.

-Jennie Nawrocki

Running A Marathon or Relay?


Have you ever been to a race you all are at the starting line but for some reason you find it has ended and you never left wondering what you missed? Well basically you became a bystander, living in a daze of activity. Never to participate only effected by it. See what is going on maybe one day we will understand or even race.

-Jennie Nawrocki

Stronger Than A Sword The Pen.


For years they have said words could never hurt but they do and to tell a child to buck up or don’t be so thinned skinned is sometimes necessary but there may be more to the story.

What qualifies as a bully someone who picks on those weaker than themselves. Well first I say to that is that the wrong use of power? Sure someone can handle a few jabs to their own ego especially if it is done through constructive criticism but when it turns completely vicious and never ending, it does eat away at someone’s spirit. This is known too by the bully because they don’t feel guilt or empathy or shame from the emotional sadness the person has, it is almost like they feed off the fumes of happiness leaving the body, resulting in fueling their power to bully further.

There is a way to talk with someone you may not like or disagree with are you going to it without caring or do you respect the person and talk with them in a civilized manner? How mighty is your pen?

-Jennie Nawrocki



I can’t seem to find what to write about for my mind is blank with too many thoughts jumbled into a blurry mess. These melted ideas are transforming into some sort of philosophy and way to process ideas. So as to not confuse you, I shall take these topics and formulate a more cohesive opinion. Wait maybe I shouldn’t give my opinion so quickly. I recently read that just affirming that you heard someone gives them a sense a calmness. Well right now I am taking what you have said and deciding what I am able to accomplish from your input.

-Jennie Nawrocki

Your Community?


I talk of building and making communities often and maybe you think or wonder my community is great I got everything I need.

Do you really?

Do you ever complain that it is dirty? Or that people don’t care? Do you ever ask yourself why don’t we have this restaurant or store in our neighborhood? Do you think the prices are unreasonable? Is getting around difficult and the public transportation sucks? Can you only go certain places at certain times of day because of safety concerns? Are the schools up to worldly standards? How is the water or do you have to buy bottled? How many people do you know or spend time with in your building or block?

If you don’t like or were able to find something you would like to be better in your community than your community does need improvement.

Your community needs you and you need it no matter how redundant that sounds it is our necessity just as shelter, food and water. Where do you think you live on an island by yourself? Even if do you still have to get along with the animals and plant life because what are you going eat or have for a home otherwise.

It is time to be a part of your community and create a place that everyone wants to call home. A community is your extended family and home whether you like it or not they are coming for dinner and you better be prepared and on your best behavior. Without it are you really the police, fire fighter, teacher, judge, doctor, master chef, grounds keeper, entertainer, trash collector, post person, scientist, mom, dad, uncle, aunt and president all together? If you are where do you find the time? Or do you really understand that you live in a community of people that needs to work successfully together.

-Jennie Nawrocki

Dismantle The Anger


Find the power

Use all your abilities

To dismantle the anger

Towards you

Around you

And within yourself

It is a cancer

That debilitates

Your thinking

The world

Your community

This decaying

State of mind

Must be stopped

Regardless of

Who you are

or what you think

I am

The world requires

Your excitement

And well being

-Jennie Nawrocki

My Fate


Making sure

options gone

Ensures goal met

Everything you wanted

Except as I have been told

I will never ever

Be with even

An acquaintance again

Everyone will remain strangers

The sad life I am told

To accept

-Jennie Nawrocki