its edges slope
into deep crevasses
filled with
water thick
of sludge and waste
rank smells
travel moss walls
ornate in design
with towers interspersed
rising even taller
giving a border
to contents within
a city shining
with several
profitable exchanges
completed by
serfs and vagrants
the first greeters
with their
own neighborhood
functioning within a
larger kingdom
with rulers
present and past
all different qualities
of government
living in the
enormous main
rooms for individuals
of varying status
with others inside
or outside
the outer perimeter
are Invited for
wonder, marvel
and general ambiance
of pure enjoyment
within one room
of those
larger walls
comprised of
stone, wood
soil and sand
holding formation
all around
while furniture
dapples the
empty interior
trimmed in gold
or covered
with fabric
the simplicity
of it all
depends on
fortunes of kingdoms
and all
their contributors
from communities
having built
every spot
from the middle
to the outskirts
of their very
own castle

-Jennie Nawrocki

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