Double Standard


How to start the rest of this state of the union and yes penaugural is meant to sound like inaugural I find very difficult because they are sensitive topics all around.

We will take the terms jealousy vs double standard as our topic tonight. I have been told I am a very jealous woman and I am just being unfair. Men in the past have used this term to keep the pay gay between women and men. Your just jealous they would say and the woman would say no it is a double standard I worked the same amount I have the same seniority and yet I have a lower salary. When I would see people with no college degree and less years of experience get promoted over me and I did a better job then them I called it a double standard and they called it jealousy. I have literally sat at a desk asking for projects, a task, an assignment anything and they wouldn’t allow me to but this other person could. It was the most ridiculous and stupid thing to see a woman with a masters degree, who traveled the country for the university, passed the masters exam and taught students for 15 years including Kindergarteners the Alphabet having to watch someone else much younger and less experienced file papers in a file cabinet in Alphabetical order because your told you can’t. It is not jealousy it is a double standard. The amount of times I have just sat and done nothing because it is the only thing I am allowed to do is astounding. What really is even more of a double standard or hypocrisy is later on in social media reading that Jennie Nawrocki is lazy, incapable, and doesn’t do anything even after several times asking and telling people I can do that and being told I am not allowed. Completely ridiculous and stupid double standard.

Next is the use of the n-word or n*****. I moved from Washington state where the Africans American population is considerably less than in New York City. Washingtonians are much more diverse in a different way. We have a Asian culture that I think sometimes surpasses the white, we drive by reservations and visit them as if it was a corner store and our Latino migrantion is widespread. So I am not one who didn’t grow up knowing different cultures. I grew up ingrained with the idea that if you even thought about the n-word you are racist and that verbiage should be deleted from the United States Lexicon if not global lexicon. However I stayed in a shelter (because remember I am and I can no longer able to make money or support myself). I also ran out of all my money that I saved living in hotels thinking I will get a job soon. This again is a person who had 6 paraeducators and owned her own condo in the affluent neighborhood of Magnolia in Seattle. But I digress these women in the shelter with me spent their day and nights screaming and banging obscenities including the n-word and one day I heard directly yelling as my door was passed all n-words going to die. I was shocked and appalled that a black person a leader amongst the shelter women could and was allowed to say this what was even more shocking was it was modified into a song by a white male in the form of “Ain’t No N-word Going To Stop Me”. How did a white male get away with it because the word I found out no longer meant African American or Black, the n-word meant JENNIE NAWROCKI. Not a race or anything one person JENNIE NAWROCKI and I can’t say it, repeat it or think it and neither can anyone else unless you are referring to JENNIE NAWROCKI.

It is ironic I think the same people who say you don’t need to hate and fear have conspired a global community to hate one person in particular Jennie Nawrocki. What is also ironic is that Jennie Nawrocki somewhat prefers that you call her the n-word versus any other person because at least a race of people isn’t ridiculed. However JENNIE NAWROCKI hates the n-word and thinks that lexicon should be deleted from all dictionaries.

Is there more to write about oh yes I have tons to write tomorrow folks.

-Jennie Nawrocki

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