Speeches are tough.  To be an elegant orator takes balance of words, catered toward your audience and their interests without losing your own. Now if your speech is on any major social media outlet, then you know it has to be very detailed and span many topics.  For even then people will question the authenticity of information and sincerity of honesty from the speaker. As I have watched some of the convention speeches, I have seen some have gone beyond their party limits to gain the respect of all listeners.  A president represents the country and its inhabitants and because our country is a mixture of cultures they must have      every bodies basic needs at heart. Though it doesn’t stop there it inspires the listener to pass on that knowledge and commitment towards each other regardless of their backgrounds. Most importantly it does not devalue or dismiss a persons own needs within the context of interaction.  A speech brings everyone together including the speaker by eliminating misconceptions, instead it is about how we as individuals live in a community that achieves success regularly for all inhabitants old or new.  For respect comes when people feel inspired at home.  Therefore a moving speech is just reliable conversation from some who strives to be kind.

-Jennie Nawrocki 

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