I once read that the Olympics were started as an alternative to wars.  The idea of friendly competition had begun.  Before the Olympics death and destruction even in coliseums were a spectator sport.  Often slaves thrown into the ring. It is 10 times better to have something people actually wanted to be a part of and everybody could go home in the end.  Not only that the regulations at one time were they had to be amateurs.  People came together to watch an athlete put all their effort behind every move, maximizing results.  That is real competition or what is the phrase mano-a-mano.  I believe I even heard someone say the only way to fight fire is with fire.  It is never just to be in a competition that you know is unequal.  It may give you some skill but really think about it most people enjoy watching those that were close, real challenges. That is why I support the Olympics, athletes from all over doing what they do well against others of the same caliber, simply put good matches. 

-Jennie Nawrocki 

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