There was a day that they said robots would be apart of our lives.  We already have drones, we live on the dependence of technology. Cars can start, stop, park and drive themselves, cash is rarely seen.  Some areas have advanced so much that medical technology is healing people without their knowledge.  We are working very hard towards a cure for cancer.  Maybe one day our bodily systems might be controlled.  Spontaneous cell reproduction replaces harmful damaged ones.  Imagine the healthy people, the longevity of lives, that will be saved through the advancement of technology. 

To doubt it’s possibilities is to also doubt the mishaps of technology gone askew.  What if that same car stops or starts at the wrong time? A bug or virus in your phone can be fixed with an update but when you are driving on the rod not so much.  I want to see the world progress well.  I am willing to support successes leading to enhance the lives of all living things.  The phylosophy for these things to occur has been enclosed for me to focus on certain things, requiring for someone like me who always had a wandering mind dealing with known and unknown entities on several layers, swelling emotions to abnormal levels, requiring answers, for the future has arrived making the world safer for each person working together.

-Jennie Nawrocki

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