In 1982, way back before their was Internet, heck MTV came out less than a year before, the things I remember.  Anyhow, my mom took me to Disneyland for the first time.  We stayed for about a week had a rental car and a hotel not too far away but cheaper then the real close ones.  We we very poor back then.

Well one day we drove in pretty late so we had to go to one of those way back lots that is so far from the gate you need a tram to get the entrance.  Well, I watched everything as we drove in so excited to be at Disneyland, it was Disneyland after all.  We had the most fun, I think we saw the Electric Light Parade that night. Of course I got a Minnie Mouse doll that still looks the same today, but maybe the elastic on her clothes is a little stretched out.  

Well anyway back to Disneyland we had so much fun and when it was time to leave we took the team to the Pluto lot I think. It was not where our car was. We started walking around looking for our rental car and couldn’t find it.  I saw the lane we drove down and followed it walking away from my mom.  I kept walking and found the rental car.  Not knowing what to do and didn’t want to leave because I might not be able to find it again, I sat on the trunk of the car.  

Soon after, a man driving one of those golf cart type vehicles comes round and asks me all these questions and I told the everything and he said he would be back.  Who knows how long later, I didn’t have a watch. He came back round with my mother on the back of the golf cart.  We thanked him and went on our way.

Later I asked my mom and she said she was frantic and told the guy who stopped her that she didn’t know where her car was but worst of all she didn’t know where her daughter was.  He replied are you   ? And she said yes. That was when he took her to where I was waiting.    

Now Disneyland must have encountered this before because not once did they seem judge mental or panicky for in the world of Disneyland all stories have happy endings.  

-Jennie Nawrocki

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