Burgers as Conversations?


People always ask me how I am doing? It is the usual small talk question that shows concern for someone.  These statements of regular conversation are never insignificant, because they establish the relationship between people. How they are said, vernacular used and the body language that goes with it.  Even when one is busy it is courtesy to have these.  Though for some reason, I have misplaced them and start with subject matter.  It is like eating the burger without the bun, lettuce, tomato, ketchup…you name it.  These are conversation pieces that make communication.  Why eat just the meat?  Really it comes down to the past.  My past, present and future, I interpret as very complex, to the most finite detail.  I slowly am explaining its intricacies to you my readers.  It is difficult to say the least,  for so much public knowledge is tied to private things, I want to keep private.  As a result, if you are working to build that perfect burger for every conversation?  I am there with you.

-Jennifer Nawrocki 

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