The Brick


She fell into a trance that was unexplainable. The walkers by wondered if she was even awake for her eyelids were semi closed. Though the tile that she saw, brick really was rough on the edges as though someone had been digging their heels repeatedly, tapping down the crisp lines of rectangular precision. She could tell this happen over time for even sections of the mortar were even missing.  It memorized her in everyway thinking of all the foot steps and the lives it supported as people walk casually on its surface. It was also a welcome distraction from the waiting she was enduring.  Soon she would get a call, the call, that would determine her life forever. She was thinking of changing careers and this would be it, her acceptance into a world she dreamed about, but for some reason all she could do was look at this brick in the path before her.

-Jennie Nawrocki 

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